Is Google Glass A Threat To The Your Privacy?

Google Glass
Google Glass

Google Glass is one of the most talked topics these days. It is the latest innovation from Google and is aimed to make information available with the blink of the eye.

The idea is that with this you can do most of the thing with a small pair of glasses and your voice commands. It is supposed to pair with your smartphone or tablet and use their data networks to give you live feed or upload your photos or videos.

If you are not aware of what is a Google Glass, here is a video to give you an idea:

[youtube src=”9c6W4CCU9M4″]

With the idea of innovation there is a debate of security of information and privacy. Is Google Glass safe for the people around you or they will be worried seeing you wearing one?

If you are wearing one, you can take any photo or video and live stream them without anybody noticing you, which is one of the main reason people are worried about their privacy.

Google Glass
Google Glass

Business joints like The 5 Point Cafe in Seattle has already announced that they have preemptively banned its patrons from wearing Google Glass. Not only that, they have also announced “ass kicking…for violators”.

My Take on Google Glass

I know that people are worried but to be honest, being a tech enthusiastic I am really excited about the the technology. It would be really cool to see what kind of apps developers will create for this.

The opportunities are unlimited, some companies have already announced their apps like clothing companies. You just see their cloths and apps will tell you the brand and price, if you like it you can purchase it right away.

There always be security threats with the new technologies, be it NFC or Mobile payments or any other things. I agree this time it will more concern of people  other than the one who are using it.

But with time, people will start creating security measures, like you might have flashing LED on the glass to notify others that it has been recording video…

Anyhow, is there any move which goes unnoticed with so many security cameras and cell phones cameras etc. Most of the buildings and malls already have the cameras installed and notice every move of the people.

Also the initial price of the the device is around $1500, so I really doubt that many people are going to buy that….or even if they buy they will be busy playing with the device rather than doing anything else..

So what do you say about Google Glass, with all those gadgets if you have one more device recording your activities will you be worried?  Are you comfortable seeing people around you wearing Google Glass?


  1. I have no issue with the privacy we live in a world of CCTV and everyone has a camera on their phone. In fact the criminals who commented the recent tragic event in Boston will be caught due to the large amount of camera footage of the event. In short if you don’t do any thing wrong you’ve nothing to fear, I personally feel safer knowing the world is watching my boring life.

  2. I find that the ‘google glass’ just made a compact version of Go Pro’s cameras. Still a little odd use of technology but I guess that’s just life.

    • I feel people are doing lot more experiment with technology at this time and we are getting some amazing devices because of that…..Google Glasses are bit more than the compact version of camera as it will also provide you required information at run time…

  3. Technology has its down sides too..It surely poses a big threat to the privacy of people..The misuse of smartphones has been evident a lot of times. Once its prices will go down, people may misuse it.

    • Yes, I agree…though we are not sure how soon the prices will go down….currently $1500 is a big price to ask, not many people might go for it….

  4. I had not known about Google Glass until I read your post. Thanks for sharing the information. It does seems vulnerable in terms of privacy.

  5. It will take time to get popular – Google Glass as the price is so high. But I agree with point. It will break one’s privacy.

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