Which One Is For You WordPress Managed Hosting Or Shared Hosting?

HostGator Control Panel - SEO Tools
HostGator Control Panel - SEO Tools

I have seen many people talking about, if they should have wordpress managed hosting or shared hosting for their blog.

I have started Make Web World on the shared hosting, once it is established I have moved it to WordPress managed hosting and now its back to shared hosting.

I know its lot of move for a blog but once you know how to move hosting for your blog, it’s real easy to shift hosting.

There are reasons for the move but I am going to talk about more on the experience of both type of hosting.

WordPress Managed Hosting

If you are using WordPress for your blog than this can be a premium service you can get. WordPress managed hosting means that your servers are optimized for WordPress software.

Also your hosting provider will manage your install, so they will upgrades the WordPress installation and make sure it is running fine.

I know this sounds tempting but it comes with a price, their plans are relatively expensive then shared hosting and they will have more restriction on how you will use it.

Some providers might restrict you from running certain plugins or they might stop you running forums on certain plans.

The restriction are always not bad, they have checked those plugin and found that they are not good companions for performance. So they have put those restrictions.

These are also shared hosting but one account can not hamper other accounts. They are monitored and restricted so that you will get best performance.

[box]My preferred WordPress managed hosting is WP Engine. Their servers are optimized for faster page load, secured and backed in for CDN performance.

If you are looking for coupon for the WP Engine, click on below link and get 2 months of service free when you pay for the 1 year service.

2 Months Free with 1 Year of Service[/box]

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting accounts are where you are sharing space with other blogs and sites. It can have all type of sites along with your blog.

These are not optimized for WordPress, so you have to manage your own installation but these will be not as expensive as WordPress managed hosting.

There are down side of this arrangement, one bad account can affect many other account. So you are not only dependent on your management but on the other people also who are sharing the server with you.

These accounts will not have many restriction and most of them will come with multiple domains support on the same hosting. So you can use them for many blogs.

You will also get cPanel, which is an easy way to manage your WordPress install. It will also allow you to use 1 click install for your WordPress and seo services from the control panel.

HostGator Control Panel - SEO Tools
HostGator Control Panel – SEO Tools

I have compared the page loading speed and I can tell you WordPress managed hosting will provide faster page load speed because of the managed environment.

But I am able to replicate the same performance with the Shared hosting and CDN support. So you can get the page speed with the correct hosting provide and good CDN plan.

The benefit with shared hosting that if you manage it correctly, you can get a good performance with a good price. You can even squeeze dedicated ip with a decent price.

[box]My preferred shared hosting provider is Hostgator. They provide 99% uptime guarantee (and they keep it too). Also they have one of the best support in the industry, you can reach them 24×7 – 365 days a year.

You can check this post for my reasons to move the hosting on Hostgator,

For the CDN I prefer MAXCDN, their starter pack is good for most of the blog and provide sufficient value of the money.[/box]


If you are comfortable handling the Mysql database and WordPress plugins, you will not gain much extra from WordPress managed hosting.

Performance wise WordPress managed hosting will give similar results as Shared hosting with CDN support.

Security is one of the main plus point for WordPress managed hosting. So if you are looking for secured environment, its the way to go. (There are plugins which can help you in setting up secured environment on share hosting also)

If you have multiple blogs, Shared hosting will be cheaper than the WordPress Managed.

For me it all depends on how comfortable you are with WordPress, if you are able to manage it properly, Shared Hosting is a way to go.


  1. Well, I also believe on shared hosting. Since one of most benefits of shared hosting is cost effective as compared to the other hosting is least expensive.

  2. My blog is shared with other sites on the server. Shared hosting is a good solution for newbies. I’m lucky as my neighborhood sites are clean. Thanks for sharing informative post. 🙂

  3. I am currently using hostgator and its really cheap and handles 9k traffic daily of different blogs on the same panel. Don’t you think that wp-engine is expensive then other shared hosting providers like bluehost and fatcow?

    • WP-Engine is little bit expensive than the other shared hosting provider but they provide some extra services for that price. automatic backup, neighborhood management, wordpress optimization are some of them…
      You will see a performance improvement with them and spend less time in managing your blog..With shared hosting you need CDN support to improve the performance…

  4. Managed hosting may be expensive ..but it relies you of some tasks that can be time consuming ..WP Engine is no doubt the best hosting service in this context ..My friend has his blog hosted on WP Engine ..and he’s highly satisfied with their services ..I have plans to move one of my WordPress blog to WP Engine .Thanks for sharing the information


  5. I always thought that WordPress managed hosting is better but after reading your post I think shared hosting is better and cheaper. I will go for shared hosting now.

  6. Thanks a lot for this informative post. I always felt WordPress managed hosting was a big deal and would mean much better service. But, you have convinced me that shared hosting is good enough and because it’s cheaper I would obviously like to opt for that now.

    • There are benefits for WordPress managed hosting and if you have a heavy traffic blog, it might help..but It may be restrictive. I prefer freedom and shared hosting is good for that…performance can be managed with CDN support…

  7. Another thing to consider for managed WordPress hosting is automated backups. While it’s always important to maintain your own backups, it never hurts when your web hosting provider handles it for you. Without an automated solution you’ll have to learn how to do it yourself – and find time to do it.

    • I agree, automated backups is a good thing for WordPress managed hosting. Shared hosting also provide automated backups but they are not that reliable.
      I prefer using own backup tool so we can manage the frequency and type of backup. Backup-buddy is a great tool for that…

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