What You Should Expect From Google Penguin 2.0

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Panda and Penguin is one of the most feared terms in blogging sphere. Last time when Google released the Penguin update, most people were looking for methods to recover from the Google penguin.

Google has started releasing a next set of update for penguin and they are calling it as a Google penguin 2.0. Though this might create a panic in many webmasters but here are the things which you can expect in this update.

Paid Editorial Links in Google Penguin 2.0

With Penguin 2.0, Google has targeted the paid editorial links with this update or to be precise they have targeted the paid link which does not disclose the information. Also because they are the paid links, it will not pass any page rank.

If you use paid editorial to increase your reach, you can still do that. It will not bring any negative impact, but it needs to be disclosed that those are paid editorials. Also now these will not pass any page rank for you.

If you are a publisher who publishes those paid editorials, make sure you are disclosing in the editorial. Otherwise it may be counted in the black hat technique.

Google Penguin 2.0
Google Penguin 2.0

Link Spammers

This Google Penguin update will include a way to control the link spam. According to Matt Cutts, Google has found a way to deny the link juice to link spammers. Though it was tough to recognize link spams but looks like they have made a changes to the algorithm to achieve that.

According to Matt, Google will do a better job in finding link spams and removing it. If you are not in using those spammy techniques, you should be fine.

Author Rank

The other thing where you will see a change is Author Rank, or a way Google recognize people being authority in specific niche. This updates will bring more updates in that area.

It will increase the ranking of the people who has established authority in the niche. With the Google Authorship program they have already established the basic framework for it and now they are taking it to next lavel.

If you still have not claimed your authorship, than this is the time to do it. Try to get more authority in your niche and you will see higher rankings in search results.

Some Relief from Panda

Last time with the panda updates, some sites which were in the gray area also got impacted. They will see some relief with this update as google has find a method to recognize them and giving them benefit of doubt.

So if you have hit by last update and you are not involved in any of the black hat activities, you might see some extra traffic coming to your way.

Site Problems

Google also planning to help webmaster by bringing all the information for resolving the site errors at one place. They are planning to upgrade the webmaster tool to show all information at a single place.

If your site has a malware, has been hacked or has errors, you can log into webmaster tool to correct those. The update will be launched slowly and will be there to help all web-masters.

Here is a video where Matt Cutts has talked about it:

[youtube src=”xQmQeKU25zg”]

The good news is that, if you are generating quality content and not trying to spam the search result, you have nothing to worry about. Like all the other updates, Google Penguin 2.0 is also targeted to reduce web spam and should not affect you.

Are you seeing any changes on your ranking in search results because of Google Penguin 2.0?


  1. The problem with this Penguin is that it has so much collateral damages. Even websites that practice natural marketing are affected. The only way not to get the authority is through social media and direct visitors from traditional marketing.

  2. Author rank is must for every blogger to build credibility on it’s author if it’s good enough automatically Google will start ranking all your posts which will be beneficial.

  3. Penguin-2 has brought with it loads of minor changes. The aspect I liked the most is related to the spam links. The spam links used to pose a great problem. Glad, there has now come a remedy for the same. Hope it works well. Thanks.

    • You need to see why you have been impacted. If its bad or low quality links coming to your blog, you need to try to remove those links..or you can use Google Disavow tool to ask them remove those bad links…

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