5 Tips That Will Help Make Your Website Look More Professional


Did you know that a lot of people are afraid to buy anything online because they think someone is out to scam them?

They do have a point because most people who sell things online are scam artists. They might not be evil, but they are still trying to make a quick buck by stealing it from hard-working people. Some of the products you’ve bought before have maybe left a horrible taste in your mouth. Your customers will have experienced that before, just like you.

If you are going to become an online success you must do one thing. You must look as professional as possible, because people will trust you a lot more and they will be happy to buy your products.

Everyone loves someone they can trust and you will develop a special bond with your visitors. The only thing you need to worry about is how you’re going to become more professional looking. Let’s look at a few things you can do if you’re not doing them already.

Some great testimonials

Someone has bought products from you in the past and you need to tell the world about it. Email your customers and ask them to give you a testimonial.

You can take the best ones and include them on your site. It’s a very important part of the design and must not be underestimated.

Most people will land on your homepage, so make sure you have a few testimonials on there. They should also be on your sales page and anywhere else you think they would make a difference.

Higher prices

If you wanted to look more professional than your competitors you wouldn’t lower your prices because it would have the exact opposite effect.

Everyone would think you are cheap and they might not want to buy from you. Just because you lower your prices doesn’t automatically mean your sales will go through the roof. Your prices should match what others are taking in your niche and people will assume you are more professional than the websites with cheaper products.

More white space

Do you have any children? If you do, give them some paint and leave the room for an hour. When you come back in you won’t be able to see the walls. When a child tries to make something nice they want to fill in as much of the white space as possible.

When a professional wants something to look nice they choose to have more white space because it looks more sophisticated. Don’t let your website look like a child’s art project because it’s not a good look.

A few colors

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This is a little like what we’ve just talked about. Using too many colors is the same as having too little white space, but there is another reason why you should choose your colors carefully.

The ones you choose will be associated with your brand. When you see white and red it makes you think of Coca Cola. Blue and white makes you think of Facebook. You want your colors to ingrain themselves in someone’s mind and you will look more professional when they do.

No stock photos

It’s ok to use photos on your website, but please don’t use stock-photos because they will probably be on thousands of other sites.

It doesn’t give people a good first impression of your company. If you want to be professional you need to find your own photos.

If you do insist on buying stock-photos you should buy the most expensive ones because there will be less people using them on their site. You can always take photos on your phone and they will look better anyway.

Dirk Cornwall is an independent web design expert. He has loads of experience in designing professional websites and so uses it to good effect by advising people about it. He is an ardent blogger and likes listening to soft music.

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  1. Hi Sanjeev,

    I also completely agree with the tips you share. Another thing is to use live chat option and social network connectivity to give your site a professional looks and functionality.

  2. Useful tips. Thank you for sharing. including ‘testimonial’ on the website is one of the most important part of design, but i am completely agree with what Amelie Mark has said. Anybody can come up with fake testimonials. So what i think is to include the testimonial with the name of the person, his/her company name, designation, and a contact number, of course with that person’s permission.

    • Yes Testimonial can be fake so it is important to include testimonial from well established people. So that they can be trusted…

  3. This is a great post but about the testimonials, I think they do not serve their purpose as they are intended to, reason being that some scam websites will still come up with fake testimonials, with fake names, giving all praise to their products or services. I therefore tend to think that it is entirely up to the customer to decide whom to trust and whom not to. Thanks for sharing.

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