Authorship Markup – All Set to Revolutionize the Future of SEO

SEO for Google Search

As technology is advancing, search engines is keeping pace with it and are getting smarter by the day. Google, being the biggest playground for all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enthusiasts of the world, is constantly in the process of reinventing itself and is evolving into a better system with every algo update.

If your e-commence is not seeing much traffic in the recent times or you are failing to tap into the higher rankings of Google, you should know that it’s high time to clean up your website. In the Post-Penguin era, Google has extremely evolved means to eliminate websites that do not offer reliable content to the users.

This is the time to reinterpret your website in a manner that reflects a humane touch of constant reader participation and authorship mark-ups. This not only ensures SEs about the authenticity of your website in contrast to some good-for-nothing web portals, but also assures that you mean business. In case you wish to get noticed by the Google’s web crawlers, this is what it takes to eventually enhance your web rankings.

SEO for Google Search

1. Focus on Authorship Mark-Ups

In the world of SEOs, authorship mark-ups refer to ways of placing the author at the center of the website’s growth. This means that if you are a proactive content developer for your website and an active participant on social networks, then the links to your webpage are more likely to be trusted by Google or other leading search engines.

This is a great way for Google to eradicate the influence of spammers of redundant web-links which cause much annoyance to internet users. Although it means that you have to put in more effort on your website in order to get noticed, it is overall a great trend and very desirable for the entire internet community.

2. Enhance Your Author Rank to Improve Your Page Rank

A good author rank is synonymous with the generation of trust among the various SEOs. There are many ways to do this. For instance, you may choose to compromise on your privacy settings to make your Google+ profile publicly viewable. In this manner, all your web links that are directly associated with your G+ page will be more openly accepted by the search engines.

3. Link Your Social Network Pages to Your Website

Many people ignore to do this and end up suffering from bad SEO rankings. It does not matter if you have a great a website unless it is essentially linked to your pages on social network. You can enhance these pages with keywords and make them appear very attractive to visitors. In this manner, you will gain the trust of your page viewers that will reflect on your Google ranking.

If you plan to use social network to improve your business then you must also intimate Google of your authenticity by having a genuine profile picture.

These are the few means that can make even a simple website earn big brownie points with the SEOs.

About The Author: B. Lyttle is a tech freak and a keen search engine optimization enthusiast. She loves to follow the trends of the evolving Internet industry, apply her own understanding of them on her websites, and share useful insights with her readers.


  1. I agree with all your points, but most espeecially with the third one. You can’t underestimate the power of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. There are other social media sites that you can choose from in order to popularize your content. But you really have to resort to the big help that these giants have to offer.

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