Top 5 Podcast Player Apps For Android


If you are using Podcasts to keep in touch with news and topics of your interest, than you might be looking which podcast player app, you should be using on your Android smartphones.

There are many apps in the play store but only few of them are with the complete functionality. Last few weeks I am doing some experiments with the available players in the play store.

I wanted to check the players in terms of usability, Looks, subscription model etc. I have tried many players and here are 5 of the best podcast player for android.

Here are the video review of the Podcast Player for Android:

[youtube src=”DyOcqllQl4E”]

1. DoggCatcher

DoggCatcher is one of the best podcast player for android. It has almost all the controls you need in your podcast player.

This is one of the most customizable player in the market. You can customize almost all the aspect of the player, UI design, podcast management.

I really like the way it manages your subscriptions. You can search for the podcasts from the app itself and subscribe for them.

You can schedule the download of your subscribed channels and select how many episodes you want to keep on the device. It can also delete the media after playing.

DoggCatcher Podcast Player

It has also built in media player which can play audio and video file. You can also play it on the external layer but I would like to use internal player as it can remember the play position of the file.

It has also added a cloud sync with the latest update (still in BETA) but should be a good addition to the current set of features.

Google Play has a lite version and a paid version, lite version gives you a 7 days trial for all the features. After that it disables some features like auto refresh of the feeds etc.

Download DoggCatcher From Play Store

2. iPP Podcast Player

iPP Podcast player is the next best podcast player in the market. The good thing is that it is free in the market and provides an option to remove ads through in-app purchase.

This app also carry a professional look and feel, allows the subscription of the feeds from the app itself. This app has most of the customization options like theme, sync option, download on wifi etc.

The app also has a built in audio and video media player. The major advantage is that it support soft decoding of the media files, if your device is not able to play those.

iPP Podcast Player for Android
iPP Podcast Player for Android

This also has tablet UI which can be activated from the setting, I like this as I can use the tablet mode on my Note II. Though I would love to have a setting to change the column size as the detail panel look little small on Note II.

This also supports the driving mode, you can use gestures to control the playlist. I would like to see more voice control incorporated in it, but it does the job.

They have already categorized many popular channels under the hood so finding the feeds is not a big task. You can search by name or just use the categories.

This app also allow adding iTunes podcast subscription, which is a handy utility if you have both kind of devices at home.

Download iPP Player From Play Store

3. BeyondPod Podcast Manager

This is another full featured podcast player for Android which has a lite and a paid version. Lite version is a 7 day trial for the paid version.

This has a separate tablet version so you can purchase the unlock key and install a phone or tablet version according to your device.The tablet version is optimized for 7 inch and 10 inch and uses the real estate really nice.

This also has an extensive settings menu but one of the option which sets its apart is smart playlist. You can setup the rules and it will build the playlist accordingly.

Beyond Podcast Manager
Beyond Podcast Manager

The app also has one of the best add feed section, it is nicely laid out and categorized it in section. You can search in collections or in categories, it also recommend based on  your subscriptions.

Another good thing with Beyond Podcasts Manager is that they recognized users can change device and they have laid out a process which can help you move to other device. You can get the instruction from the help panel.

Download BeyondPod From Play Store

4. Podcast Addict

This is another full featured add supported by the ads which can be removed by a small donation within the app.

Good thing about this app is it supports the podcast subscription import from iTunes or Google Reader. Though they explicitly say about iTunes support, other apps also provide support for it.

You can subscribe to iTunes podcasts in iPP Podcast Player for Android and DoggCatcher also.

Podcast Addict

This supports the audio, video and text feeds, so you can subscribe to any kind of feeds in this application.

Download Podcast Addict From Play Store

5. Pocket Casts Podcast Player for Android

This podcast player has one of most beautifully laid out design for podcast player for Android. It has a detailed subscription screen which can give you top channels or categories to search top channels.

It’s search for the podcasts are also good and can give you detail information for the search results. I like the way they have managed the subscribed podcasts and the play screen.

Pocket Casts Podcast Player for Android
Pocket Casts

You can setup your downloads on wifi or mobile network. The one good option is to sync your podcast subscription and play status across multiple devices. I really find this feature useful if you use multiple devices to listen to your podcasts.

Download Pocket Casts From Play Store

These are some of the podcast players which I have experimented with. Is there any other podcast player for android, which you use on your device?


  1. Doggcatcher & BeyondPod Podcast are my favorite out of the list of Podcast apps listed here. BeyondPod is giving 7 days full version features when installing… It is good to play Podcast with full version as trial. Making habit to listen podcast related to tech, entertainment, current events.

  2. Hi Sanjeev !
    I would be trying out the trial version of BeyondPod on my Android phone as its UI looks beautiful and features sounds interesting .I had never installed a podcast player on my phone before and am excited to watch the podcast of the top bloggers on my phone . Thanks for sharing these apps with us .


  3. Hi Sanjeev
    This is the first time i have visited your blog.
    I was trying to find some apps postcast for my Galaxy S4 and i found this post.
    This is really useful . thanks a lot,
    The Postcast Addict is my favorite so far and i recommend for my friends to use this too.
    For some questions: Do u have some recommendations about Saving battery apps? i think it is a big problem for smartphone nowadays.
    By the way, thanks a lot!!

    • Battery is a big problem and thats why Galaxy Note is my preferred series for phone…I do not prefer installing app for saving battery (They do eat more power than what they save). I prefer more of manual action to save power on the phone….

  4. Hey Sanjeev,

    I just wrote about how I listen to podcasts. I just use Google Play and sync from the itunes library on my computer. That way I don’t need to get another app.

    Thanks for sharing these though in case I ever change my mind 🙂

    • Hi Ileane, I like the interface of Google Play Music app but it lack some of the basic features in terms of subscription management and file management.

      The players mentioned above will give you an ease to subscribe the podcasts from the device and will download latest episodes automatically, delete episodes after playing etc… They even support iTunes so need to sync you can import you subscriptions…

      I would highly recommend to try them…

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