MWW E003 – Should You Be Afraid Of Google’s SEO Algorithm Updates?


Welcome to Make Web World Podcast. This is Episode 003, which will cover Google’s latest algorithm change called “Hummingbird”. Also we will discuss if we should be much worried about these algorithm changes.

Google is constantly looking to improve its search results and one of the ways is to improve the accuracy of their search algorithms.

They have issued many updated to their search algorithms in the past and each time it has created a buzz in the seo world.

There are many Kind of Google Updates, but lets talk about few of the important ones:


Google had launched Panda in February 2011, mainly as a change in its search results ranking algorithm.

The main purpose of the update was just to keep those low quality and low content sites away from the top ranking results and give the actual quality sites their due.

This update had the Site Wide Impact, if you were following those spammy techniques and generating low quality content.

Till now Google has released over 22 incremental updates for the panda and made is more and more robust.

Penguin – Over Optimization Penalty

Penguin was launched in April 2012.

The idea underlying the update was simple enough- penalize and decrease the rankings of sites that breach Google’s Webmaster Guidelines set the by the search engine.

This updated has more of Page level impact rather than site level. Some of the pages might get impacted if they were overly optimized for SEO.

They also launched disavow links tool – to overcome the old bad links pointing to website.

This update covered the people who are overly optimized for the SEO but some it went hard on some small marketers. Google released Penguin 2.0 to correct some of the issues in earlier updates.

Google Hummingbird Update

This is the latest search algorithm updated from Google, released on 15th Birthday of Google.

Its a major overhaul on the search algorithm done in recent years, they have not done this kind of algorithm replacement since 2010.

The major emphasis on this update is on Conversational search with Knowledge graph. You can use advanced voice queries and conversation like search queries to get the data from Google.

But does this change anything for the SEO?

Google says, there is no Change in SEO policies or webmaster guidelines. So the marketers should not be worried about this update.

This update is more in line of promoting Author Rank and going away from excessive link buildings.

The more importance has been put to networking with peers, creating content that people interact with.

Webmasters should spend their time creating websites (with great content or products) thinking in their target and less on search engines.

If you just try to build a low quality content and links pointing to it, you are out!

Resources And Links Mentioned In This Episode:

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2. Matt Cutts View on How to do organic link building for your content.

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  1. Google keeps changing its algorithm constantly by minor versions or major one. It keeps panelizing site for Black Hot methods of SEO

    Only black hot SEO doing people need to fear fear of new algo.

    Thanks for sharing.

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