MWW E002 – How To Use Technorati In Your Blog Promotion Methods


Welcome to Make Web World Podcast. This is Episode 002, which will cover how you can use Technorati in your blog promotion methods.

What is Technorati?

Technorati is a site that collects data and rank blogs in terms of site authority and influencing on web world. They have their own bot, which crawls the blogs, and list all of their contents.

They categorize them according to their topics and provide a list of top articles and top blogs.

Blog Promotion With Technorati

There are many ways you can use Technorati in your blog promotion techniques. You can use that resource to find relevant content for your blog and include them in link building strategy.

Here are the ways Technorati can help in blog promotion methods:

1. Back links

Once you got your blog claimed on Technorati, you will start getting back links from them. They list all your articles so they provide them back links also.

2. Commenting Opportunities

Once you publish any article on your blog, you can search in Technorati for the related content and can drop a comment there. This is a very good technique for your blog promotion.

3. Guest Post Opportunities

You can check your specific niche and find another blogs where you can send your guest post. It has a very dedicated database, which can provide you very focused set of blogs.

It is always good to increase visibility in related blogs because you can get targeted traffic from those blogs.

4. Blogsphare Connections

Technorati has listed all the blogs in proper categories and niche, you can look for blogs in your niche and try to connect with them.

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Hope this episode has helped you in gaining an understanding how you can use Technorati and include it in your blog promotion methods.

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