MWW E001: Author Rank Is A Reality Or Myth Of SEO World


Welcome to Make Web World Podcast. This is Episode 001 which will cover What is Author Rank and if it is just a myth of SEO world or a reality.

Google has been granted a patent for Author Rank in 2009 but nobody has hear anything about it after that. There are indication that google is still considering to implement it.

There is already a lot of discussion happened on the Author rank and many people have declared it dead. But is it really dead or still Google is working towards it?

Below are the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Google Patent for Author Rank
  • Google Patent for Ranking Authors in Social Media
  • Google Authorship Markup
  • Social Media Engagement and Data Hub Activity Tracking
  • Micro-formats implementation and importance  of them

I have also talked about below mentioned terms and provided details but at this point of time they do not make much impact on social media.

  • Self similarity score – This should be used in near future
  • Niche Analysis – This is a way to rank authors across a niche and giving them authority score for that niche.
  • Mention from other authors

Resources And Links Mentioned In This Episode:

1. Google Patent For Author Rank

2. Ranking Authors in Social Media

3. My Last Blog Post on Author Rank Details

4. Google Authorship Markup

5. Genesis Framework

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Hope this episode has helped you in gaining an understanding of Author Rank and will give you some ideas on how to use it for your benefit.

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  1. Yah! Google Authorship is absolutely unavoidable for bloggers… Lovely little trick. With Google’s new back linking policies, promoting a blog is a hard thing to do!

    Focusing on “Identity” is essential for brand establishment! 🙂

  2. I think that author rank in Google is going to play an important role in determining rank in the SERP. It would be recommended to install the link to your google+ profile on your blog or website to take advantage of this.

  3. Hi Sanjeev,

    Google Author rank is not a myth and it’s very real. It would help bloggers can their content safe from being copied. It would also help people find content that is verified and find content from people their already love and connected too. Author Rank is just another step from Google to force people to rely on the their search engine and Google+.

    • I agree Qasim, Google Authorship, Data Hub, Structured data all are pointing towards it. They are creating a baseline and once done they are going to bring all of them together under Author Rank!

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