How To Create Engaging Content For Your Readers

Create Engaging Content
Create Engaging Content

One of the hardest task in blogging is to create engaging content for your readers and want them to come back to your blog.

Many people will visit your blog but you should also see how many of them are returning visitor. It is a good indication of your reader retention rate.

You can check the returning visitor in your Google Analytics account.

Here are some of the ways you can engage more with your blog readers.

1. Write For People Not For Bots

One mistake, which every blogger does once in a while, is getting in a trap of SEO.

Finding out the keywords that can drive more traffic and writing articles based on that keywords. Also making sure that the bots can understand the article so that they can drive traffic.

We need to keep in mind that at the end it’s a human, who is going to read that article.

My suggestion is to write articles for the people, make sure it is readable and understandable by a human.

Once it is there, do some SEO work to make it understandable by bots.

I am not against a keyword analysis or SEO, I always do keyword analysis for my posts.

Keyword Analysis is important to understand which terms you should use for the topic to gain more visibility. So you should start with an idea and then do some keyword analysis to check, which term you should use for the post.

Keyword stuffing in the articles is another big issues, most of the SEO tools suggest some kind of keyword density in the article and many bloggers try to follow them.

But we should not do excessive keyword stuffing just to make sure that the keyword density is correct.

With the latest Google Algorithm updates, Google is also trying to move towards more human readable language.

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2. Solve Problems To Create Engaging Content

Another good way to create engaging content is by resolving your readers problems.

Once you start resolving their problems, they will start spending more time on your blog.

I have had few posts where I have provided help on either installing a plugin or creating look and feel of the blog. These posts have high retention rate for the readers.

Even the Author Box Plugin, which I am offering on MakeWebWorld, has been created to help one of my readers. It has created a good following and an opportunity to connect with many people in the blog sphere.

Create Engaging Content
Engage With Your Readers

You can participate in the blogging communities or in Facebook groups to check what problems people are facing.

There is another good way, you can ask your readers on your blog. There is nothing better than people seeing you resolving their issues directly on your blog.

3. Provide Additional Information

People come to your blog for information and it is always hard to provide information in a single post. Provide additional articles to read are a good way to engage readers.

You can use plugins to generate related posts in your articles but I do not like to do that.

Plugins just fetch the articles based on tags or categories but they might not be related to the exact topic of the post.

You can manually add few posts at the end of your articles for the readers.

This might take some more time to write a post but you will provide information, which is more relevant.

There may be cases when you are writing on a topic first time and does not have any related article. That’s where your content marketing plugin comes handy.

I use Scribe Content Marketing tool on MakeWebWorld. Whenever I write a article, I check for the link building opportunities and link the new post from my old relevant content.

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4. Do Some Research Before Writing The Article

Only search engine reach and stay on the shallow articles, so if you want people to stay on the articles, write detail contents.

You should do some research before writing the article and try to provide detail information.

Search the keyword in Google and see the top ranking posts. If you can add some additional information other than what readers can get in top most results in Google, you will able to create an impact.

People can understand your effort from the post and will able to engage more with it.

5. Add Call To Action For Your Readers

Call to action is a good thing to ask people to do something.

You should ask people to interact or engage with your content. I have seen a good number of people subscribing to MakeWebWorld YouTube channel after I have started asking them in my videos.

You will be astonished to see how many people will take action, once they are asked to do certain things.

6. Make It Easy For Them To Interact

If you do not make it easy for your readers to interact than they will go away very fast.

I have seen many blog, which makes user to login to comment, how many readers will do that. Even if they want to share something that extra step will drive them away.

You should make sure that your readers could interact with you within minimum number of steps.

7. Talk To Them

We are talking about how to create engaging content and we cannot engage without talking.

This is absolutely right, you need to talk to them.

So respond to each and every comment on your blog.

If readers come to your blog and see that you are not responding, they will not feel encouraged to be engaged.

These are some tips to create engaging content for your readers. What else do you do create more engagement?

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  1. hello Sanjeev
    you shared excellent post is very nice, useful and informative like your voice as u write a content and also like that point you said later’Solving problem will make them come back for more’.
    so thanks for sharing wonderful post…

  2. Hi Sanjeev,

    First of all, let me tell you that you’ve shared and excellent post. Very informative and useful. Now, let me express my views about the topic.

    Your very first point is also the most important one. Content that is overstuffed with keywords turn visitors off. Even I would quit reading such a blog! 🙂

    And as you said later, solving problems will make them come back for more. Further, it’ll boost your reputation.

    Writing well researched articles will make your blog trustworthy and give people a reason to visit it more often. Interacting with visitors makes them feel ‘at home’.

    Some other small factors to look upon are- font size, color etc. I mean, it is not a part of the content. But these factors play a key role in keeping visitors engaged. A bad font size and color won’t entertain visitors for long.

    Good write up Sanjeev. I’ll be back for more 🙂


    • I agree Louis, We want to connect with the people and search engines or bots are just a medium. We should be working towards the people but sometimes instincts take over and we try to win the search engines rather than people..

  3. I agree that writing for people and not for bots is the way to go. Plus Google is getting smarter and smarter everyday. Especially with their Hummingbird update that they just made, now they are getting even smarter with understanding content in an article. Before too long, people won’t even try to write for bots anymore. Anyway, I really like your article and each point is right on. I really like points 5 and 6 a lot too. I’ll have to bookmark this for future reference.

  4. Solving people’s problems is a great way to come up with engaging content. My latest blog post, which seems to be getting a fair amount of engagement, is the result of answering somebody’s question…then expanding the answer into a more detailed blog post.

  5. Hi Sanjeev,

    In addition to the useful tips from your article I would include the visual aspect. In 2013 a blog post isn’t quite complete without an image. A nice image or a funny one can magically improve reader’s mood. A happy reader is more willing to spend even more time on your blog by doing something else other than reading: commenting, sharing, etc.


    P.S. The checkbox for replies notifications is placed one line above the relevant text. At least this is how I see it using Firefox. You may want to try to fix that. It may confuse some readers 😉

    • Hi Adrian, I agree visual impact is also an important point. Its the very first impression which users get after coming to the blog.

      Thanks for the heads up on the replies notification box. I was trying to update some things looks like that has messed it up. I will correct it.

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