5 Best Android RSS Reader Apps For Your Phone


RSS feeds are good way to keep up with the latest news and information on the web. Most of the Blogs and website offer RSS feeds to their readers.

After the demise of Google Reader most of the readers has moved to its alternatives like Feedly, but RSS feeds are still alive.

Many people are using smartphones to read their RSS feed subscriptions. I also use my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to read my subscriptions.

If you are using Android phones for your RSS reader needs then here are 5 best android RSS reader apps for your phone.

1. PRESS For Android

This is the best android RSS reader, which has a beautiful UI and good functionality. It can sync with Feebly, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin and Fever.

There are many good things about this reader which includes background syncing, offline image caching, YouTube API support and Readability Integration.

You can schedule the background syncing of the RSS subscriptions and it can download content and images for offline use. Offline image cache can also be optimized with the space and category specifications in the settings.

best android rss reader - Press
Press RSS Reader

This app also provides a setting to customize the widget, you can set the transparency for the home screen and lock screen widget.

One of my preferred feature is readability integration, so if you like a article and it only has expert in the feed, you can click on readability icon and it will fetch you the complete article.

I really like the readability as it can get everything from the application itself. It has build in browser and YouTube API integration. So you can watch video, check links in the app itself.

Download Press (RSS Reader)

2. Paperboy

This is newest addition to Android RSS Reader list. It also has a good UI, which provides a grid layout on the main screen.

This also has some good selection of settings like auto shift to night mode, power user settings like image heavy or text, landing page and purge duration etc.

paperboy rss reader
Paperboy rss reader

You can also adjust Data refresh from the settings. This app scores in the grid layout and easy representation of the contents.

It is still young in the market and already has lot of useful options, which should improve with time.

Download Paperboy

3. Feedly

You can’t create a list of best android RSS reader without mentioning Feedly. Feedly is the major RSS service after the Google Reader demise.

Their app also has a good UI and the unique feature to add content from the app itself.

feedly rss reader
Feedly rss reader

You can search the feeds and add it in your reading list from the app. They have also categorized the feeds in categories and can give you suggestions.

The folder structure has a clean layout with the holo structure and articles are also nicely laid out. You can swap between the articles and subscribed feeds.

Download Feedly

4. Google Currents

This is Google’s own addition for the information gathering. This app is bit more than the android RSS reader as it offers a way to customize the presentation to publishers.

This app has a good UI and coming from Google itself has some good features. You can search and subscribe the feeds from the app itself and also subscribe to the magazine layouts of the blogs.

google currents rss reader
Google Currents rss reader

If you have a blog you should customize the look and feel of your feed in Google Currents.

For the readers also it is beneficial as you can get blog feed and YouTube feed together for a blog. So it provide a concise view for the blogs feed and gives an freedom to blog owners for presentations.

If you are a producer, you can format your feed at Google Currents Producers.

You can also subscribe to Make Web World Edition on Google Currents.

Download Google Currents

5. gReader

This is also a good and fully featured android RSS reader. It provides support for Feedly subscriptions and 2 way auto synchronization.

This reader has a tablet optimized version and night mode support in-build.

This is one of the apps which supports the podcast and online streaming along with voice reading of the content.

greader rss reader
gReader rss reader

You can customize the settings for caching including podcast downloads. There are some features restricted to pro version but their free version is good enough for regular users.

Download gReader

So these are the 5 best android rss reader, which one are you using for your RSS subscriptions?

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  1. Hi,
    i have android phone and i was in search of rss reader android application.Really you dig out nice list of application. thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Sanjeev,

    Thanks for sharing info about useful rss apps. I tried both press and paperboy android rss reader apps. i love the interface of paperboy that is awesome.
    Is there any rss app that allows us to create categories bases rss links? is any please share

    Thanks Again..!

    • Hi Sunidhi,

      If you are talking about organizing your subscriptions with respect to category than you can create folder in Feedly and align your subscription accordingly. It will be reflected in Press and Paperboy.

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