Google Officially Announced Social Search Results

Search Results
What Search Results are you getting

Google officially announced that they are going to give personalized search results for their logged in users. This is a big change in the way their logged in users were seeing the results.

Two month back I wrote on Problogger that how Social Engagement is the Way Forward for SEO. There was prominent sign for the changes but nobody expected these to come so fast.

They have introduced a new concept of personalizes search results, which means every user will see a different result for the same search, if they are logged in. This results will be optimized for the liking of the user.

New features in personalized search results.

  1. Personal Results – This will get the results from your circles. Posts, images or anything from your group.
  2. Profiles in Search – Type any name and you can get the results from your known person or suggestions specifically for you. This will be at both places autocomplete section and search results.
  3. People and Pages – These will bring the specific people profiles and pages from Google+

The new search result is tightly integrated with Google+ profile. Your profile connection, your plus one on pages, your interest can vary the results.

Search Results
What Search Results are you getting

While they decided to go for social engagement, they have only included Google+ for getting the data. It is one of the major drawback of the system and a good way to promote Google+. Issue is that many people does not have Google+ profiles, many blogs does not have Google+ pages.

These things will change the equation of SEO techniques to gain ranking in search results. Now social will be an important factor while working for the SEO of your Blog.

Social activities are more important for the webmasters and including plus one button on the pages is a must. Plus one button is a good way to reach to the first page of Google for a group of people.

One good thing is the interface, Google has made it easy to shuffle the results, if you want to check other results then you just have to click one button in right hand top corner. It will be interesting to see how many people use that because lot of SEO will depend on that.

Also from user point of view, results will highly depend on Google+ activities or the other information which Google has. It will be good to see how accurate these results will come. I am really exited to see how it will work but looks like I need to wait for some time before I will be able to see it in action.

Check the video below for the new way of searching:

[youtube src=”8Z9TTBxarbs”]

First these changes will be available to US users, after that it will be released to other part of the world.

Have you got the updates and started getting personal search results, then share your experiences with us.

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  1. I also noticed the changed! When I search on Google and my gmail is logged in I see different results comparing it to searching without logging in. Anyway having good social media signals is good.

  2. I once said in a conference that search results are socially transformed! I guess I was right after all. Social Media Network is now starting to dominate search engine results.

  3. Truly interesting. This great changes of Google search is a good news to all advertisers and promoters because they can advertise their respective business even better but then I am looking forward if the result is really great. By the way thanks for the information. 🙂

    • It all depends how good the results are, though this makes a lot of dependency on plus one button and Google + circles but it would be interesting to see how it goes.

  4. Hmmm.. sound interesting, so results now are socially transform when your logged in. Let us see how this affects the traffic we get.

    • It was supposed to be released in US first, but my account has got the new interface today. I am playing with it right now to see how good it works. It looks promising from user point of view but it might create more headache for webmasters.

      • Do you really think Google doesn’t have the same algorithms all over the world? Why would it give a hard time just for US webmasters?

        • Its not a algorithm change, its more of a interface change which is going to be released worldwide. They officially announced that they are starting at US and slowly it will be available to the world. I think there slow is also fast enough.

          • Then we have so little time to make a strategy on how to take advantage of this Google update. 🙂

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