Giveaway: Get Free Blogengage Account Worth $89

Blogengage - Membership, RSS
Blogengage RSS Membership

Here it is, A first Giveaway on Makewebworld and you can get a reward worth up to $89 (The total worth is much more as you will be exposed to one of the active community of bloggers).

BlogEngage is a place to go and meet new bloggers, engage with them and share your content with them. It is a good way to generate extra traffic and increase back links for your blog.

Blogengage - Membership, RSS
Blogengage RSS Membership

When you share your contents you will get a back link for your post and there RSS service makes the process very easy. With the RSS service your content will be syndicated to blogengage and you don’t have to enter those manually.

So it can generate 1 back link per post and with the RSS service you just have to set it up once. If you are posting daily then it can generate up to 365 links per year for you.

If you want to know more about Blogengage than you can check my Blogengage Review.


5 Free Blogengage Account (worth $29.99 each)

1 Free Gold Membership (worth $59.88)

What’s included in the RSS Gold Account:

  • Allows up to one niche category
  • Your articles will be syndicated into the Blog Engage Community
  • 100% Adsense Revenue Sharing
  • Free e-book

To participate you just need to collect entries, take the action and collect as many entries as you can. You can come each day to collect more entries.

Once all the entries are collected, 5 winner will be chosen based on random number selection. All of them will get Free Membership to Blogengage (worth $29.99) and 1 of them will get 1 year gold membership (worth $59.88).

Entries will be closed on 02/07/2012.

PS: I am also participating in Blog engage $1000 USD contest, you can support me by sharing or commenting on the article. Check my entry, How You can Move from PR0 to PR3 in 3 months.

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  1. I am new bloggers and still have limited knowledge about this business. This post is very helpful because the blog engage really give some traffic in such a low membership price.

  2. As a brand new blogger just getting ready to launch their site, BlogEngage would be extremely beneficial. It would allow me to start my blog the right way and give me access to a lot of valuable information from other bloggers

  3. I’ve been feverishly searching for BlogEngage membership giveaway since I’ve just resumed blogging and cannot afford right now. Thank you for hosting it. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. BlogEngage is an awesome community… I highly recommend any blogger to get involved, either in this contest, or another (like mine for example!) – or failing that, pay the entry fee – it’s well worth it.

    Networking, link building, traffic, content… It’s all there.

    Great work Sanjeev, and good luck to all the entrants!

  5. Thank you so much for organizing such a great contest. i would love to win this as there are many benefits of Blog Engage membership. but there is membership for it and that all can’t afford so i was waiting for some kind of contest to go live on this and here it is so i need this membership also. all steps done and thank you.

  6. Nice giveaway Sanjeev,
    Having a Blogengage membership will be pretty much useful for any blogger because Blogengage will not only bring traffic and valuable backlinks but also will help in increasing engagement with the blogging community at large. Brian is doing a great job sponsoring this giveaways at different blogs, will help the community as well as Blogengage as a whole.

    • Thanks Shiva, Brian is doing an amazing job by sponsoring these giveaways. Blogengage Membership is good for bloggers to expand their networks and create good backlinks. It does bring new members to Blogengage and will help it also.

    • Hi Roger, if you like the forums then you will love the new theme we are making. We have taken the forums and have added them into a costume theme so you no longer have to leave the mains site to sue them. It’s just going to be awesome! Best of luck in the contest I hope to see you joining us.

  7. Hello Sanjeev,
    A few people have asked me about joining Blog Engage, but they just don’t have the cash available to sign up, same with me. I would love to have free blog engage gold account and that is why I have filled the form at When I saw this contest announcement I quickly shared it on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. It’s not even 6 am and already one of my friends saw it and he is joining the contest!

    This is such an excellent idea and I’m really excited about it.

    Thanks Brian!

    • Hi Amrik, Its the whole idea behind the giveaway and here you can win more than just an lifetime account. 1 year worth of gold membership also.
      Best of luck for the contest.

    • Hi Amrik, this is why we started allowing our blog members to host giveaways. I gully understand having 29.99 is a lot of money for some people. Giving our members this free giveaway is like all of us giving back to the blogsphere. Best of luck in the contest and if you’re not lucky here make sure to join some others we have tons of giveaways going on right now.

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