Help! My Blogging Muses Have Escaped


So you’ve jumped on the blogging bandwagon. And you were going strong. You had one blog post written every day, or at least one written every week. You were feeling good, you were being proactive, and your topics were coming naturally. Blogging was good.

But then something happened. All the creativity was gone, all the words were gone, and all the inspiration was gone. Your blogging muses disappeared, and you were stuck staring at a blank screen with nothing to say. So what do you do to find a new muse?

Blogging Muses escaped
Where is my Muses….?

1. Change your scenery.

If you tend to blog from the same place, whether at your desk at work or on your living room couch, your surroundings tend to dull out, leaving you uninspired.

Changing your scenery can help boost your creativity back into high gear. If you’re at work and you can’t pick up your computer, simply take a walk. Try to take in a place in the office you’ve never paid attention to, or even travel outside. You may be surprised at what could spark your creativity.

If you blog at home, try moving your computer to a new room in your house. A different view may be exactly what you need. You could also go outside and take a look at your surroundings. A simple change of scenery may just be the boost you need.

2. Read.

Take a break from writing and read some new material. Check out a blog you’ve never visited or read a news article you would usually overlook.

Maybe you will come across a topic that interests you. Maybe you read a blog about a topic, and you want to share your opinion on it. Moving outside of your comfort zone and reading something new can help create some blog topics.

3. Keep a notepad on you at all times.

It always happens—a great idea pops into your head when you’re nowhere near a computer, and by the time you get access to one, you can’t remember what the great idea was.

If you keep a notepad on you at all times, you will never be in this scenario again. When a great idea pops into your head, write it down right away. Then, when you’re stuck staring at a blank screen, refer back to your notepad for inspiration.

In today’s world smartphones can also act as a notepad for you, there are many applications available on all mobile platform. These applications can take notes for you and even allows you to store audio notes.

4. Write about it.

When all else fails, use your blogger’s block as inspiration.

Blog about your block, or maybe even delve into what you think is causing it. Are you tired of the topics you usually write about? Did something happen to change your blogging perspective? Doing this may not create a new muse, but it will at least get you back to writing, and hopefully that will spark future blogs.

You could also ask your readers for suggestions. Post a blog telling your readers you’re having trouble thinking of a topic, and ask them what they think you should write about. You may be surprised at the suggestions you receive, and one (or more) of them could be exactly what you need. Plus, you will then have a realm of topics you know your readers are interested in, and you can refer back to them at any time.

Losing your blogging muses can be detrimental. Not only will it stress you out, but it can also have an impact on your followers.

If you had a dedicated fan base, and suddenly you stop producing content on a regular basis, they will stop coming back.

The sooner you find a new muse, the sooner you can get back into the blogging grove. Using these tips will help you find a new form of inspiration, and you will be blogging again in no time.

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  1. Excellent post!

    One week ago I sat down to write my posts and my mind drew a blank. I read other sites looking for ideas and still no luck. I looked through books for ideas but nothing interested me. The bottom line was that I just wasn’t interested in writing. So I thought oh well, I will take a day off. No big deal. But one day led to two and so on. The next thing I knew it was Friday and people were emailng me to make sure I was still alive LOL.

    Basically I took a week offline. No blogging,commenting or tweeting. Then this past weekend I did the change of scenery thing and committed to writing enough posts for the next two weeks. Today I am back online and feel a lot better.

  2. I have been blogging now for over 5 years and I have definitely experienced a loss of ideas at times. Believe it or not, what works best for me is to simply take a break. It is amazing what happens when you take a couple of days off and recharge your battery.

  3. A very good point there. I would like to add some views here… Sometimes we just need to take a break, walk away from the computer screen and just chill out on the grass.

    I also find that exercise helps in revving up your brain for the next awesome blog post. I make sure I have a day full of walking and biking and nothing Internet related to refresh my head.

    Amrik! 😉

    • Hi Amrik, I also take break when I do not get any idea, sometime doing things which you enjoy most opens up some of the doors and can show new idea’s….

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