Make money with pictures! Find out how (hint: it’s not stock photography) – (Part 1 of 3)

Affiliate Marketing - Too many People fighting for the Money
Affiliate Marketing - Too many People fighting for the Money

In this week’s episode of Future of Publishing in-text monetization expert and VigLink CEO Oliver Roup and Influence People CEO Murray Newlands tackle the topic of image monetization.

By bringing in experts Rey Flemings and Chas Edwards, they explore how to make money off your site’s images using image monetization services like Stipple and Luminate.

Learn what they have to say in the first installment of this three-part episode of Future of Publishing:

[youtube src=”9MQkjh8yMPQ”]


  • Although image monetization started in the entertainment niche…
  • It has since expanded to almost every other niche on the planet…
  • And it works best when the image is interactive…

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  1. Visual presentation is much better compare to old method like using paper and pin. The audience can easily identify the meaning and thoughts using a digital mode.

  2. I had no idea that you could earn from your images in this way. It seems like a great additional income stream to add to the list.

  3. Yes Step,you have point! Even you don’t have degree in photography as long as you love what you are doing,you can actually earn money !

  4. Pictures are important for marketing, because effective image get more users, So it is possible to make money through marketing. The attractive image easily attracts customers. The given video provides great information about making money by pictures.

  5. In the new era of science you need to make money with pictures. With photography you will be able to make money,because nowadays “photography is the job many people like it”.

    • True. I did a lot of A/B testing with plain text pages and pages with a picture on the top of the article. A picture seems to make the reader want to read more and keeps him on the page. Almost always my bounce rate dropped and the CTR to ads increased…

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