How Video Creation Helps in Business From Chris Brogan


Video is all the buzz these days but frankly, a lot of businesses don’t do it well. Online video is a form of social media and it needs to be social and engaging in order to succeed, but many companies still follow old broadcast models for engagement (or lack thereof).

In this Future of Engagement episode, host Murray Newlands goes to Blog World in Los Angeles to interview Chris Brogan on social content creation:

[youtube src=”fTHCw6sXfQI”]

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  1. Great video; Chris Brogan really knows what he’s talking about. I have a website where videos would definitely help business, so I will definitely keep these tips in mind. Thanks for the post.

  2. Video marketing is an incredibly important component of link building, as well as online brand building. While it is important to upload your videos to video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo, that doesn’t have to be the only place your target audience can find them. One way to help maximize your videos’ potential reach while providing a valuable boost to your content marketing is to create video blog posts.

    Great information Chris Brogan! Happy weekend!

  3. Many people are engaging themselves in video creation. It’s much more convincing anyway to have a video that could actually help your business. That’s precisely what is important in every business, ways on how a business owner could connect with their existing and potential customers.

  4. Video marketing is effective part of internet marketing but it must require to create effective video. Business video have to includes interesting concept and must look attractive. It is important to attract users easily and provide good impression about business.

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