Avenger – An Awesome Thesis Skin from ThesisAwesome

Avenger Thesis Skin at Makewebworld
Avenger Thesis Skin at Makewebworld

If you are following this blog, you know that I am using Thesis Theme on this blog from the start. Having a Thesis makes it easy to tweak design, make changes and it can reduce the loading speed.

The only drawback with the Thesis is that you need to alter Thesis to look like you want. It does require some initial modification and changes to set it up correctly for your blog. One way is to do changes by yourself or you can get Thesis Skin to make it easy for you.

I have changed this blog to Thesis Avenger Skin two months back and I am really happy with the performance of it. It really makes it easy to setup a blog and make it look professional.

Avenger Thesis Skin at Makewebworld
Avenger Thesis Skin at Makewebworld

Avenger is Thesis Skin from ThesisAwesome, which already integrate many function and makes easy to setup your thesis blog. It covers aspect of Guest Blogging, Targeted Ads, related posts and email subscriptions.

Guest Blogging Features

Avenger Skin makes it easy to setup multi-author blog. It gives an option of to add profile fields for your authors like twitter id, facebook page and Google Plus id.

It has an option to create author archive pages where your author box with the posts will be shown. It is a very good option if you accept guest post or have multiple authors. Your author pages will be converted to new template and will show author profile on top before showing the posts.

It also have an option to show author box in the single post and also gives a flexibility to choose where you want to show. You can show your author profile on top of your post or bottom of it.

Related Posts in Avenger Thesis Skin

You do not need any plugin to show the related post on your posts, this thesis skin can add it for you. You just need to enable the option in the admin panel and select how many posts you want to show.

You can also show your related posts with the thumbnails and it can get the thumbnails with the thesis post images. So you can just enable them and let it do the work for you.

Targeted Ads

Showing targeted ads with thesis does require some work, you need to do some coding or atleast paste some code in your custom function file. This skin has covered you in that aspect also.

It has an option in the admin panel where you can just enable targeted ads for your blog. Easy, Right? Just check the box and you will start getting the targeted ads.

Opt-in Forms Ready

The Avenger Thesis Skin has an in-build option to create opt-in forms at many places of your blog. You can show the opt-in forms at your sidebars or top of your home page and in footer.

You have options to activate the opt-in forms in the admin panel, once activated it will show on your blog. You can integrate your mailchimp or aweber account to these forms.

You can customize your opt-in box from the admin panel, it has an option of choosing color, border, image, text etc. So you have full freedom on how you want to show it.

Advertisement Options

It also has an option to enable ads at top of your post or at the header. You can just enable those and add your ad code in widget screen. This makes advertisement management really easy, you can have your ads running in no time.

Avenger Thesis Skin also add some other options like it can activate Twitter Anywhere on your blog, It already has an optimized magazine look for your blog. You have an option to choose which navigation menu you want to show and what to add there.

Watch the video below to see Avenger Admin menu in action:

Avenger Skin is one of the best Thesis Skin in the market so if you are looking for some easy customization to your blog, you can get it for your Blog.


    • I have used Blog skin on one of my other blog and it also has almost same features along with social options. Main difference will be looks and you can decide which one you like…

  1. That’s a good theme but it’s not free. Hope i’ll run my blog on Thesis or Genesis Framework asap. Currently i’m collecting money for it and working on my blog.
    BTW thanks for the share!

    • Its a worth of the investment, I always avoid using free theme because I have to spend lot of time to correct them and make it look what I want without any support…so this is one thing which I always sort out first….

      • Yes, you are right but newbie bloggers like me who don’t have enough budget to buy themes and other effective plugins etc have to manage with free themes and plugins.
        But i’ll surely get a one soon. 😉

        • Ohh Ya, I agree, I have also used the free themes for initial few months on Makewebworld. Once I had the money, I invested and got this one…

  2. At first I thought this had some referance to the Avengers movie too! Having the fields like social media sounds like a resolution to organizatoinal problems.I like the clean look.

  3. I actually thought that the Avengers theme pertains to the movie! Anyways the design is great and I assure you that it has a great loading speed. I didn’t even have to wait for more than ten seconds for it to load which frequently happen to me on other blogs. Great post!

  4. Avenger Thsesis skin is really nice and I love the simplicity of the design. This nis really good for bloggers. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  5. Thanks for letting us know about the Avenger thesis theme, Sanjeev! And it is a cool name, Avenger, it sounds kick-butt. By the by, it is a theme I would definitely consider if and when I tweak mine.

  6. Yes, you are right about Avenger Thesis Skin. It is good theme for blogger to make impressive design and attract more blog readers. Avenger skin theme looks professional which makes it capable for business blogging. There are many other features available into this theme which helps for perfect management of blog.

    • Yes Brian, impressive design plays a vital role in the success of a blog along with quality content…Avenger covers that important part really well…

  7. I have the Genesis pro pack. Lots of themes but not all as feature-packed as this one. After reading this post, I’m jealous. The Avenger theme really has you covered, Sanjeev. Genesis needs to catch up, or I might have to switch to Thesis. Heh.

    • I also have Genesis and using it for some other sites, I think some of the market themes are good but they are more of a design stuff and does not add many features….with Thesis it’s different..

  8. You’ve cited great points there. What I actually like most is the targeted ads. There are times that we are not getting the right ads for our website so we find it very hard to convert. Fortunate for others, they were able to find ways to get the right ads that they wanted for their own website. I’ll check your linked post to learn more.

    • Targeted Ads are really important as they can increase CTR..Avenger takes care of it other wise we need to add some code in the file (Code is their in my linked post).

      • Yup! The code is helpful to others. Actually I’ve visited your link and will try to use it to get targeted ads. I wonder if you could recommend the best positioning for those ads?

        • I get most of my hits at top and bottom of the content, still doing some experiments but those are my preferred positions for ads…

  9. You know, I’ve been using WordPress for a couple years now, and STILL never gotten on the Thesis bandwagon. But your site, this theme, is very nice. Especially with all the little integrations, the DiggDigg type floating bar on the left, the awesome social media share widget in the upper right. CommentLuv enabled. Pretty squared away site, and you do make me want to start something using Thesis and Avenger now, LOL.

    If I wasn’t doing a cam and chat site at NE1UP.com right now I’d start something. Hmm – maybe I’ll use it for the blog section of the site or something.

    Anyway, beautiful site! Cool theme!

    • I have used few plugins along with Avenger to achieve the looks, but they all have blend well..It is a good skin and works really well with Thesis…

  10. I do agree that whenever you are planning to have your own blog it is best to have a clean and attractive skin and if Avenger can give it, it is really necessary to get and grab the opportunity. Thanks for this review and for sure you give another idea to newbies in the world of blogging what are the ways on how to have an attractive blogs.

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  11. Yeah its really superb theme. I saw most of Blogger mainly which have Blogging Niche they are using this.
    I will use same on my new Blog which is going to mainly for Blogging Niche.
    I just love this because of Professional Looks.

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