Tips on How to Hire a Freelancer

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How do you handle parts of a client’s project that are not your forte? How do you provide extra services that are outside your firm’s scope? What do you do when there is a month left in a project and you simply need extra hands?

Delegation is an absolutely essential skill for a business owner or project manager to have. Yet, creative professionals working solo often forget that they can and should share the responsibility if it leads to a better project. If you’ve been making a habit of spreading yourself too thin to meet your clients’ needs, try hiring a freelancer.

Hiring a freelance designer, consultant, specialist or technician isn’t difficult. Here are a few tips to get you on your way to better projects and less sleep deprivation.

Know Your Own Limits

Before hiring mercenary expertise, do some preliminary estimation. Figure out roughly how many hours of work you need; how much of your budget may realistically go to a temporary hire; and the average hourly rate of the class of specialist you’d like to hire.

Without some preliminary math, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. For example, if hiring a user interface specialist will cost $200 of a $300 budget, that’s a pretty good sign that you should soldier on alone.

Let Your Client Know

In the name of transparency, it’s a good idea to let your client know that you’re looking for freelance assistance for their project. Most clients are open to the hire of additional specialists, as long as your choice doesn’t compromise the budget.

Support your decision to hire temporary help by explaining that your new hire will add value to the project. Let your client see examples of work from possible freelancers to involve your client in the decision process.

Know What You Want

Give your freelance hire a very clear idea of what you require of him or her. Put it in writing. It’s better to be thorough in the early stages of a freelance project than to spend time and money correcting mistakes later.

Write a Contract

Most freelance designers will provide you with a standard contract or letter of engagement to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the work and pay. If your prospective hire doesn’t, you should make one of your own. If you’re part of a firm, a lawyer should help you draft a reusable template. Otherwise, you can find examples online.

The major sections of this contract should clearly establish timetables, pay, termination, and kill fee, if any. You’re unlikely to need to take a freelance hire to court; the purpose of the contract is to ensure that all parties know the business terms of your project.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

If you have a great professional experience with a freelancer, let the world know! Freelance designers thrive on word-of-mouth recommendations. Build a reciprocal professional relationship with a cadre of freelancers. The next time you need extra help on a project, they’ll be eager to work with you again.

By: Jessy is a business blogger for Life Insurance Finder, the free tool for fast life insurance comparison in three easy steps.

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  1. Wow.. you have briefly explained about Freelancer and also given some useful tips on how to hire a Freelancer. Freelancing some works to best persons is very useful as we can complete all our task on time and perfectly. Thanks a lot sharing

  2. Great post! Engaging with freelancers has helped me with my SEO. The only problem I’ve found is that there are so many freelancers out there that finding the right one can be a little time consuming.

    • Hi Andrew, Yes finding one is hardest many options sometimes takes its time….I always start with a small assignment before handing out the big one…at least it gives something to judge.

  3. Hiring a freelancer is quite important to speed up the work. Contract is important, just in case you are in trouble, at least you have the agreement. Thanks to the other lists.

    • Contract is mostly used when we are in trouble, but its a important factor as it outlines how we can handle issues. We need to look at it from the start and outline everything.

    • Ya, contract is a must have to go least it provides some guidelines.
      Jessy has chosen some of the good images for the post, I also love them….

  4. An extra hand or hiring a freelancer is always a good way to speed up works! Tips within the article is also very nice and true. Just be sure to select those competent freelancers there!

    • Its very important to find a good freelancer for the success of the project and initial study and review of his work for other clients can help a lot.

  5. Excellent and informative post. With the revolution sites that provide listings for freelancer, it has become easier to find one that is suitable and has a displayable track record. You are very right about not spreading yourself too think, hence hiring a free lancer. You also commented on writing up a contract which is also another important aspect when working with a freelancer! Thanks

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