Market Samurai is Back with the help of Bing


Market Samurai is one of the best SEO tools which I have used till now. It makes life really easy for the webmasters by tracking ranking and doing keyword analysis.

From the last week it was fighting with the interruption of some key services because of changes in free services limits and policies from Google.

Looks like other SEO services just went under the bridge and remain unaffected because of low volume of queries, sometime it is hard being the biggest player in the market.

If you are not aware of Market Samurai, it is a tool to help you in doing your SEO and Niche research.

Market Samurai Research Steps
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Market Samurai Features

Market Samurai does have lot of modules to help webmasters. some of my favorites are listed below:

  • Keyword Analysis: This is one of the best feature of market samurai, it takes a keyword and generate variations of that with the detail of estimated traffic, CPC and estimated per day visitor from that keyword. You can do your analysis and see which keyword you can use to gain traffic.
  • Domain names: It can look for the available domain names for the keyword and get you that right from the tool.
  • SEO Competition: It can track the SEO competition by checking the backlinks and domain links for your page. It can give anchor text analysis for the page, so you can check how your link building strategy is working. It does the same analysis for your competition and top 10 results from Google also.
  • Rank Tracking: Market Samurai can track the rank for your keywords. It use to produce real time rank results but with the Google updates this is one of the service which might be turn into monthly subscriptions. (We still be able to track some keywords from the local machine)
  • Backlink and anchor text analysis: A good way to check your blog popularity is backlinks and anchor text which points to your blog or posts. The tool does it all from one screen and give you all the analysis and results you need.

Above functionality are the ones which I love about the tool, though it does many more things like finding contents for your blog, finding pages for your backlinking etc.

Many services was broken because of the amount of query it generates on behalf of their customers. One estimate is if they start paying Google for their services then they might pay $40,000 for a day. With a one time cost this is not a feasible solution.

To offset that they have started using Bing for some of their services. No, it does not mean that their results will not be accurate.

Try Market Samurai For Free!

According to official announcement from Noble Samurai they have started using Bing for searching through indexes as Bing index is as big as Google now.

We still have to see how it comes out as I have always find that Bing does not index all the pages and it is usually less then the Google index. But I have full faith in the support team as they have already said that Market Samurai will still remain one time paid product with the exception of rank tracking.

If you are planning to get Market Samurai then check the tip to save 35%.

Tip to get 35% discount: Download the free trial version and wait for an email from the Market Samurai Team for 35% discount. You will have 7 days to get it with that discount.


  1. I have been really stumped using Market Samurai. The SEOTC and the SEOUC seem to be seriously off from what I find on google when searches exact terms. I have also found that their Title/Competition ratio doesn’t seem to always make sense. For example:

    I have a term that shows 43 monthly searches, 38,000 mention the term in their text, 492 in their title, 18,100 in their URL and the SEOTC is only 1% ????

    Another term in the same search shows 1 search, 1 mention, 1 title, 0 URLS with a 100% SEOTC and this term is a generic term with TONS of competition when searched on Google.

    Because of the unreliability I seem to be seeing in this there is no way I can put my business or my clients business success on something like this.

    Really curious why I am getting such poor results.

  2. We should understand, cost difference that offshore SEO provides can make our business more competitive. So, if you find no gross quality difference, there is no point why you should not outsource SEO to offshore locations.

    • It does have a free version but with limited functionality. Paid version is with one time fee (see the tip above to save 35% on that). I love this tool as this makes life really easy and does lot of work to aid the research.

  3. I haven’t tried it yet, this tool is completely new for me. But it really seems to be very useful and convenient! Thanks a lot for sharing this post, now I have strong desire to find out more about this tool

  4. Never heard the return of market samurai, however, glad to know that it is back! A lot will benefit from it because it can make life much easier! thanks for the review!

    • It was more of a service interruption as most of there service were down because of these limit changes from Google. I am also very happy to see it back as I use this tool a lot.

  5. Market Samurai can assist in both finding low competition keywords and those with monetary value. It is a great tool, though I agree 100% with ahmiz that it is on the sluggish side. I do still use it on occasion in addition to other free and paid keyword tools.

    • it is really great in finding the low competition keyword with a good monetary value. I say one of the must have tool for niche site operations. If we use too many options at once then it does take its time, it has to run lot many queries in the background. How we set it up is really important.

  6. it’s good that MS is back, as you said, it makes the life much easier, but most of us are working to be ranked on Google, i wonder if this change will affect much?

    • Yes, most of us are trying to rank in Google, though in the official announcement they have said that most of important terms they will try to fetch with Google and some of the places where Bing is catching up Google, they will use Bing. Let’s see how it comes out.

  7. Market Samurai is a very awesome tool. We often use it as well. The connivence is impressive and I love the fact it finds the best keywords for any industry. The software also let’s you the level of competition. It’s perfect for niche market products/services.

    • I also love this tool, it is really great to for niche market and even for people who use keyword analysis a lot to post on blogs. Hope after the changes it will still be able to produce that much value.

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