How to block list in Twitter

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Twitter is one of the most used social network these days. It has some good features, but also it has somethings which are not that good.

Lists is one of them, it can be nasty depending on the user who creates them. Twitter allows their users to create list, but these can be private and public. People can follow the lists.

There can be instances that you will see your name in a list, where you don’t want it to be. If you don’t want the user to list you in that list than there is no direct way for you to get yourself removed from it.

You can ask the user to remove you from that list, if this doesn’t work then you have an indirect way to do the same.

Follow the steps below to get yourself removed from a list:

Block List in Twitter

  • All list will have a curator, which can be found under the list name. It’s the person who created that list.
  • Go to that person profile and block that person.
  • Once you block it, you will be removed from the list.
  • Unblock the person, it will not add you back to the list.

The good thing in this method is Twitter doesn’t notify the person that you have blocked him. So he is not able to get an idea and you can control the lists where you don’t want to be.

There is one drawback that if the person is following you or you are following him, then blocking will remove it from the respective places. You need to add that person again, but its a small trade-off to get yourself removed from a list.

There is no direct way to getting added to a list without the curator effort, but at least we have a way to remove ourselves.

Let us know if this tip is of any use for you.


  1. Hi Sanjeev,
    Some of these things are needed to be corrected with these social networks. At times it is really annoying to unsubscribe these feeds and you aren’t able to find a way for it. Well your tips would really be handy.

  2. Twitter does not give many option in case of privacy and sending mass tweets to lists. Have you tried, I have not tried their services but just came across their site.

  3. Nice trick Sanjeev.

    Instead I was looking some way to send a tweet to all of them whom I’ve added in my list. Do I have any service that lists all the entries of a list?

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