Web Hosting Coupon Codes – A Good Way to Save Money


The first basic need for a self hosted blog is a Web Hosting and it’s an activity which should be given proper attention.

There are so many options and features attached with hosting accounts that it is hard to check every option and most of them being in technical in nature, makes it harder.

You should take your time to do comparisons of features and pricing or should take some help from professionals who have done that work for you.

It’s a long term association for you blog and once your blog is setup, it will be hard to consider changing it. So you would want a host which can provide best services at the cheapest cost.

Web Hosting

You may not want to stick with bad services because it will affect your users and they may consider not coming back.

100webhosting.com is one of the places where you can find this analysis to help you. They have already done the work of listing features of web hosts and costs at one place.

They have all the news, tutorials and reviews for web hosting companies all at one place. I particularly like the top 10 web hosting providers. This is a great list of some of the best web hosting providers which the website’s editors recommend.

They are experienced webmasters, bloggers and website owners who have used these web hosts before, and are now rating them in an easy to read list. Great for people like us, who are looking for a web host!

Check out 100webhosting.com for the top 10 web hosting providers list. One of the best web host which I personally like is LunarPages. You can just check out the features provided by LunarPages and why I like them so much, all on this page – LunarPages review .

Web Hosting Coupon Codes

100webhosting also provide coupon codes for some of the popular web hosting companies, such as BlueHost, HostGator and LunarPages. By using these coupon codes, we can actually get a good amount of discounts when we sign up with these web hosting companies.

100webhosting have partnered with these web hosting companies to be able to provide us these exclusive web hosting coupon codes.

Like I have mentioned before, I particularly like LunarPages. This is mainly because they are an established web hosting company, provides a range of good web hosting plans with different features, provides great support and etc. Anyway, by using the coupon code “100webhosting”, you can get $50 off on shared web hosting from them! Don’t you think this is a great deal!

Using this coupon code is as easy as entering them in the checkout page, and you will see a $50 discount immediately. Great isn’t it? Do check out LunarPages, and don’t forget to use the coupon code “100webhosting”!

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  1. A big thanks!! I thought that the giveaway would have ended but I followed the link and I have a bluehost secret link!!!!! Thank you! I will give it to my son to try on his own building a website.

  2. Thanks for these coupons. Just wondering if they have any expire date or are they ever green. Which is the best one to go for in India at the moment.

  3. Hey Sanjeev

    Nice post indeed hosting play main role for getting popular your site I mostly experienced for my client sites they get local hosting and the problem is that most of time the web was down so it’s better to chose perfect one in start I personally have experienced of using host gator and Green Geeks both was fast and reliable.

    • Thanks for the comment Sanjeev. Yes, HostGator and GreenGeeks are good. I also like Bluehost and LunarPages. Give them a try on your next website!

  4. Nice article. Looking for a good web hosting coupon or promo code will save you money. Sometimes, even there is no coupon code for your sign up. You still can ask the sales person to give you some discount.

  5. Getting the most reliable web hosting for all of your websites are definitely important. Hosting lets a website start working so without it, maintaining your own website might be very hard for you.

    • Web hosting is very first and important part of websites. if the host is not correct we can have all kind of problems which will be hard to resolve..

      • Yup! Without hosting, a site owner will have a trouble in making his or her site works. Actually, more than the price itself, there are so many things that must be considered before deciding whether to buy or not to buy a hosting.

  6. Successful coupon sites know when and where to get the best coupons for their users. If you’ve got the gift of gab and excellent research skills, you may do well to start your own coupon website..

    • Nothing better than getting maximum benefits and coupons helps in that. If the sites have done better research and provide good coupons, they can get great exposure..

  7. This is definitely a great way to save money and i guess we should be more aware with it.. Thanks!

    • I agree with you. We can find all kinds of discount coupons on the Internet, and web hosting coupon is one of them. It’s definitely good to use these coupons to save us some money!

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