How to Setup Commentluv Premium Correctly for Your Blog

Commentluv Premium

Commentluv Premium is a great plugin which can provide lot of functionality for your blog. It can actually replace 7 plugins on your blog and can make it really easy for you to add many useful option. You can check my earlier post on what you can do with Commentluv Premium.

Having a plugin of that caliber can sometime be confusing, you need to know how to set it up correctly to make it most for your blog. I am not going to talk about all the settings but some important settings.

Commentluv Premium Settings

Dofollow Settings

It allows you to make your comment links to dofollow, you can decide on which conditions you want to give a dofollow link. You can give dofollow links based on number of comments, social shares or registered users.

If you decide to use this setting, you may want to change the messages which will be shown to user. You may want them to know that they can get dofollow link by taking certain action. With the Commentluv Premium, it is just a matter of updating messages in settings.

Like on Makewebworld, you can get a dofollow link by sharing the post on social networks, take a look at the screenshot below for the messages which stats it clearly.

CommentLuv Premium Settings
CommentLuv Premium Settings

Stylesheet for Commentluv Premium

If you are like me, you may want to avoid loading many stylesheets, Commentluv premium provides a good way to do that. It has a section from where you can take the CSS and paste in your theme file and with a click it will avoid loading the stylesheet for it.

If you are using Thesis theme then you can paste this CSS in custom.css file, which will load it with the theme CSS. This will decrease the page loading time as it will reduce one call to load that CSS seperatly.

CommentLuv Premium CSS
CommentLuv Premium – Disable CSS Loading

If you decide to use this option than you need to update the image path in the CSS. You can search for below string and replace it with the correct path in commentluv CSS.

[box type=”gray”]Search for: “../images/”

Replace it with: “../../../plugins/commentluv-premium/images/”

This replacement should be good in Thesis theme.[/box]

Once you have copied the CSS, you can check the box and disable the separate loading of the CSS.

Info Panel Settings

This is a place where you can add an information about your blog and it will be displayed in commentluv box when somebody will hover on your links. This is a good place to add an short description for your blog which people can see and tempt to visit your blog. Its a good way to promote your blog.

Info Box in Commentluv links
Info Box in Commentluv links

You also have a choice to select what additional links you want to show in the window. You have choice of selecting from 5 recent posts to 5 of your favorite posts or pages.

Technical Settings

This is where things can get little tricky. These setting depends on how you have setup your blog. One of the important one is cache plugin fix for nonce, which will prevent the nonce for being expired. So if you are using any cache plugin, you may want to use it.

There is another important setting, which is prevent script loads. Commentluv Premium give an option to share the post socially, but for webmasters it allows to choose if you want to load the scripts for Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Why you may want to prevent loading these scripts?

These scripts should be loaded only once and does not depend how many buttons you are displaying. So if you have any other plugin which is loading these scripts than you can stop Commentluv Premium loading these scripts.

Don’t worry, it will not have any impact on the social sharing buttons. They will still work as long as you are loading these scripts once on your pages. This is first plugin which gives these kind of good ways to decrease page loading speed.

Twitter Link Settings

Twitterlink has a good way to show readers twitter usernames and a good way to expand twitter reach. You may want to make those link clickable and it has that in its setting.

For Makewebworld I use Thesis Awasome skins which automatically loads twitter any where script, so I do not use that setting. I have changed a settings so it become clickable without using that setting.

TwitterLink Settings
TwitterLink Settings

Good thing is that we can define the anchor text for twitter username, So you can add ‘@’ in the anchor text and twitter anywhere script will make it a clickable. Again a very good setting to decrease the page loading speed.

So which of these Commentluv Premium settings are you using to incorporate it into your blog?

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  1. It is actually quite funny as you mention disqus and livefyre, both of which I installed and used on my site, only to have my readership drop and complain about not getting links and also being taken off site.

    So, I upgraded to Commentluv Premium and have not once looked back. It is a great plugin and actually very easy to use.

    Thank you for the additonal site resources, they are most welcome.

    All the best

  2. CommentLuv is a great plugin. I have just purchased the premium plugin. It has so many fantastic features. Is it ok if I use it along with All in one SEO plugin?

  3. CommentLuv is, indeed, one of the best networking plugins out there. Definitely worth the money! I use the Premium version and it’s one of the best deals out there.

    These tips are also great for setting it up to be as efficient as possible. The setting I love the most is the “get a dofollow link if you tweet or +1 this”. It just makes it excellent for bloggers everywhere to help eachother get known!

  4. I am running thesis and implemented the custom CSS and disabled the built in CSS. I also check the ‘minify compatibility’ options and the ‘no load’ social scripts. When I try to test it, i appears the styling is messed up for the drop down. You know what may be causing that conflict? Could it be because I am on a CDN?

  5. That was a perfectly explained tutorial. I’m using free commentluv plugin and with this post, I came to know about the power of premium plugin as well.

    Thanks a lot for well explained tut 🙂

  6. Well…there is not much to say here… Thank you so much!
    Will sure use these tactics for my business…

    • I personally believe that it does not have negative SEO, but if you get lot of comments and you use do follow settings for everybody then it might have…I prefer restrictive do follow with a social share and repetitive comments, is a good setting..

  7. Sanjeev, I’m very interested in these settings, and have changed the nonce setting because I use a caching program. One thing that drives me crazy is when CL can’t always “find” me and gives a message about JSON and won’t let me check one of my posts when I leave a comment. I believe some of the time it is the setting on the site, but sometimes wonder if I have something set wrong.

  8. I’ve recently started using the CommentLuv Premium plugin in my blog. I’ve seen it used on other blogs and jumped at the chance to get a copy during it’s recent 7 day pre-launch.

    • I also got it during that period and loved it from that has improved a lot and with constant modifications it is getting better and better….

  9. Hi Sanjeev, loved the detailed post, I’m about to install Commentluv and after reading what you have writen I feel more confident about setting it up. Hopefully it’ll bring more interaction with my site visitors.

  10. Hey Sanjeev,

    Thanks for helping out. I am new to commentluv (just today) and learning how to get the best out of this plugin. What i noticed is that on some websites the “drop down panel” shows other links under “some of my other posts” but on other websites it doesn’t. For example on this website Ileane’s drop down shows her last posts but two comments above her “Paula from How to get” does not. How can i fix this?

      • Sanjeev, I have the premium multi-site version. I don’t have comments enabled on my site yet. Is this required to have my own last 5 posts to show up on blogs i comment on?

        • Yes, It needs to be enabled to show that extra five links. Once you enabled it there is a setting which lets you choose between 5 recent posts or 5 favorite posts or mix of both, which will be shown for you.
          If Commentluv Premium is not enabled on your blog, you will get the features as Commentluv free version only.

      • Sanjeev, i just played around a bit with enabling Commenluv on my blog. One question: Where and how exactly do i enable the @ your keyword after your real name? Thanks so far for helping.

        • It can be changed under Keyword Name setting panel under Commentluv Premium. You just need to activate it and give some settings like how many words you allow etc.

          Also I just noticed that you are using feedburner for your RSS feed and looks like you have item track option turned on. It will force all of your commentluv link to point to feedproxy rather than to your blog. You may want to turn it off so that your additional links points to your blog.

    • Yes, We should have a comment policy and follow it properly to make sure we can avoid spam. Many people might not read the policy so its our job to bring it out.

  11. Great post I am so glad that I have learned how to set this plugin up. I have the only one question how to set the messages that are displayed in CommentLuv premium?

    • Commentluv gives full freedom to change those messages from the admin screen, just update the text there and it will be shown to your user…

  12. What a good idea comment luv could make my blog go sky high. I will be adding this great tools to my blog and hopefully bring in a few hits my way, It sounds like it is re-energizing the blogging community and rewarding readers who help add value to blogs. I couldn’t be happier to see it really catching on. Thanks for all the great information

  13. Many people says comment love invite unwanted traffic on your blog but I unwanted traffic is occur by people who are spamming.

    • There will be people who will come to your blog because of Commentluv plugin and you need to have little hard guidelines to approve links but with integrated GASP and some new settings it does a good job to avoid spams.

  14. Hi Sanjeev, I have actually been thinking about getting CommentLuv premium for my blogs but was not sure if it will be worth it. I do appreciate posts like this (and your original one on this plugin) as it allows me to get a feel for what it can do. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Paula, Commentluv Premium is defiantly worth the amount you spend on it, I am using it from the time it launched and really love this plugin.

  15. Hi Sanjeev, I luv this tutorial! There are so many settings on CommentLuv Premium that we can explore all the possibilities and never post about the same thing twice.
    Those CommentLuv Profile settings are super important because people can learn so much about you and if you have an interesting profile people will be more likely to click. I like how we can see how many times our CLP links have been clicked and what blogs are sending us traffic.
    Thanks for sharing your settings!

    • Hi Ileane, I agree it has so many settings..I also like the stats for CLP link…a good way to check what is working in terms of traffic..I also like small tweaks which allows us to stop loading some scripts or stop loading the separate stylesheets etc..these are good for page loading speed..

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