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Spam Comments is a major problem in todays online world, most of the blog owners spend hours fighting against it. It is true that you will never completely prevent the spam comments from your blog. But, you can control it with some measures as well.

Moreover, the spam comments will never help you in attracting the footfalls in your blog. Rather, it will destroy its essence in the mind of your visitors. So, you should be serious in this regard when your blog is concerned.


When you are getting the spam comments on your blog at the regular interval, then you should find out the source of the spam comments.Once, you find the source, then you should immediately take the action against it.

Moreover, you should remember that the spam comments generally come out from the spam website. Most of the time, this spam website is under the proxy server which is very difficult to find its original source. So, in this context, you will have to take a network professional, unless you are not aware with ample network knowledge.

One interesting point to remember that the spammer always send the spam in one direction at a time. So, if you found the same spam in the computer of your acquaintances in your locality, then it is sure that the spammer does target to your region. So, this information will help you to determine the source’s main purpose and take necessary measure to counteract against it.

Spam Comments
Finding Spam Comments
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Strictly dealing

When you will get the spam comments, you should deal these comments with strict mental. Otherwise, it will give you more trouble as well. If you let one of those comments publish, you will get a lot more.

Spam commenters also keep a tab of the blogs where the earlier comments are successfully published, so that they can push new comments there for a better success rate.

Many new bloggers fall in this trap, they like to have some comments on their blogs and they accept any comments coming to the blogs.

One thing you should keep in your mind that you have to know the features of Content Management System and it will help you to tame the spam comments in your blog as well.

Plugins to Prevent Spam Comments

There are plugins which can help you prevent spam comments, Akismet or GASP are few of those. I like GASP more than Akismet as it prevents the spam coming from bots completely.

Akismet make it harder for the real user also to comment on the blog where GASP only block bots. I have used GASP on this blog on Makewebworld and it has saved me a lot of time. CommentLuv Premium is one of the plugin which gives you everything to manage your comments.

You can also restrict the spam comments by link usage. It can be done by the one link to every comment. Also, you can put some blocks in your blog, so that the spam comments may come in the lesser numbers as well.


You should identify the person who is sending the spam comments in your blog. It is very much vital for the reputation on the internet. The reason is that the search engine will ignore your blog in the ranking list due to the spam comments.

So, in this regard, you have to be careful. Moreover, you have to identify the spam comment through its writing style. If you see that your comments are the highly appreciable than the average comments, then you should immediately consider it as the spam comments.

Actually, you should use your intelligence in this regard. Even, you have to ascertain whether the spammer is human or automated. It is very important for any blog owner.

Careful approving

You should not approve immediately any comment without judging its source and identity. It is very much important for you to judge everything about the comments before approving it as well.

If you know the source of the comments, then you can approve without any doubt. But, if you suspect something about the source of the comments, then it is better to ignore or delete from your blog immediately.

Sometimes, you will see that the spammers are sending the same theme in the different writing style. So, in this context, you have to understand it well.

Compulsory registration

You can compel the visitors to sign in into your blog when they like to write comments on it. Though I do not suggest this approach as it may restrict real user also but if you are receiving lot of spams, this may be a good way to stop it.

Therefore, you can control the spam comments in your blog through some preventive measures which are very much essential for your blog as well.

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  1. Nice list thanks Alia

    Having tried a few systems I am now using Disqus – Seems good so far.
    Have any of you had experience with it?


  2. Comment spam is a fact of life if you have a blog. Using WordPress, you have not only solid built-in tools to prevent comment spam, there are also a wide range of comment spam protection and defense plugins and methods to choose from if you feel you need additional coverage and protection.

    • Yes, Spam is in the package which we get by going online. WordPress has some great plugin to combat that, CommentLuv is one of them which includes GASP for stopping bots…

  3. Until now, I`ve ignorantly lived under the impression that CommentLuv is more than enough to avoid spammers but,oh, well, it seems like it isn`t. Never had trouble with spam but thank you for the info.

    • CommentLuv Does a awesome job in reducing the bot spam, but it does allow manual spams…though it is limited and Andy is trying to add some more features in that…Hope it will become one shop solution for the spams…

  4. Nobody that has a blog likes spammers. Therefore, it is essential for bloggers to make good use of whatever method available in order to get rid of spammers and their comments. You article gives us answers to the “how do we do this?” question. Thanks for sharing those tips with us. Cheers!

  5. Thank you for being clear on the real modalities of blogging and blog commenting . thank you for outlining the Do’s and don’ts. This is the best way to avoid spam and and keep your blog clean from malicious spammers.

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