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Welcome to Makewebworld Forums!

When I launched Makewebworld 6 months back, I wanted to make it a place for any topics on online world. It has come a good way from that point to this point where it has today.

Today I am launching Makewebworld Forums, a place to discuss any topic related to web world, be it technical, CMS related or mobile apps and gaming.

My one of the goals for 2012 is to move this blog to some new places and this is one of the first step towards that. This forum will be dedicated to discussions regarding online activities and creating and monetizing the online web world.

The forum will also be covering other aspect of web world like your mobile world, applications for your mobile smartphone and tablets and personal web world like email, social networks etc.

Makewebworld Forum
Makewebworld Forum


The forum is in initial stage and does require some work, I will be dedicating lot of time in promoting and enhancing the forums this year. Main thing is the theme, currently I have different theme on forums and blog. I am working on to make them in sync which might take some time.

Extend your support like you have supported this blog and make this a great place for discussion regarding web world.

Hop over to Makewebworld Forums and start discussing any topics you want.


  1. Great! I think this is a big step forward. I always view the sites including a forum as more authoritative…Susane

    • I quite agree on that! I also try to visit forums because I consider them as an excellent opportunity

      • Thanks for the motivation. My purpose was to provide a place where people can benefit with the help of each other. Hope I will be able to do that.

  2. Hello Sanjeev,
    First of all congratulations for this much achievement and i will surely be a part of your this new project. i am also in mid to create a new forum.

    Good Luck for this new project.

    • Thanks Jeet for the wishes, I would also wish you luck for your forums. These places are really great for building community and sharing learning.

    • Thanks Rick, Its the whole idea to add a place where everybody can share the idea’s and get benefit. I hope this will start lot of good discussion.

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