How to Include Ads in WPtouch


WPtouch does not need any introduction, it is one of the best theme around for your mobile blog. It is easy to install and setup to give a clean and professional blog for your mobile readers.

I am also working on moving this blog also on WPtouch, So if you are seeing this post after some time on your mobile than you would be seeing it on WPtouch theme. I already have it on my other blog and I am loving it. I would recommend the pro version as it provides much more options than a free version.

The only thing which I have seen people struggling with is, setting ads in WPtouch and to tell you the truth it is real easy to do that.

Here is a two-step process to set up ads in WPtouch theme from adsense.

Create a channel in Adsense

The easy way to set up ads in WPTouch, is to create a custom channel in your adsense account. I would recommend to create a separate channel for mobile theme so that you can track the earnings from it.

To create a channel log into adsense account and click on mobile contents. after that click on new custom channel.

Custom channel

Provide the name and create a channel. After that you need to create an ad under that custom channel. Create an ad and make sure it has been added to the new custom channel.

After this you need to note down 2 things one is ID for custom channel, which can be found at Mobile content -> custom channel. Just not down the ID from there.

The other thing you need is your pub id, which you can get at right hand top corner of your adsense account.

Once you have these you can go ahead to your blog to set it up.

WPtouch Settings

Log into admin section of your blog and open the settings for WPtouch. There is an Advertising and Stats section where you can set up ads.

You need to enter the publisher id, you might have an id which is starting from ‘pub-‘, if that is the case add ‘ca-mb-‘ before your id. So it will start with ‘ca-mb-pub-‘.

WPTouch Settings

Enter the publisher id and channel details, select the location where you want your ads to show and save the settings.

That’s it, you have your ads setup and running on your WPtouch, check it from your smartphone.


    • You can get the detail in your adsense account, Id is available on My ads report and channel is for you to track the performance of the ads….Let me know if you still have any confusion….

  1. I tried using the WPtouch plugin on my site Make Money Online Tips for mobile view, I can’t really say if its working or not but I couldn’t see the mobile view through my Nokia E5 and Opera mini browser, so I don’t know if the user agaent is not for all mobile phones or not. Thanks

  2. Currently I am not using any plugins to show mobile theme for my blog, but your review is encouraging me to have wp touch pro version because I can easily insert adsense ads on it.
    Thanks sanjeev for recommendation!

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