IM Graphics Plugin – Professional Graphics for your Sales Pages

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One of the main holdups for creating your own sales pages/Opt in pages is graphics. You either need to hire some graphics designer or look for some royalty free graphics.

IM Graphics Plugin can save you from all these trouble, this is a collection of all the graphics which you will be needing for your sales page creation.

The plugin will also let you add the graphics easily to your post and pages from the editor, it adds an small icon on your editor screen which can be used to enter graphics.

IM Graphics Plugin Icon
IM Graphics Plugin Icon

This makes it a one minute job to add any kind of graphics to your pages and that too professionally designed graphics.

Type of Graphics in IM Graphics Plugin

IM Graphics Plugin comes with all king of graphics like banners, footers, sale prices, add to cart buttons, sale buttons, guarantee signs. So you can choose what you want and insert it on your post/pages.

Type of Graphics
Type of Graphics

So it doesn’t matter what graphics you will need for your pages, this plugin will have everything. All graphics comes with many different colors, so it can be used with any themes.

You can also add your own graphics to the plugin by uploading it into a folder. Once your graphics is uploaded, it will be available from the icon in the editor.

It’s not only the ready to use Graphics, it also gives you empty graphics background. So if you want to create your own graphics, you can insert the text and get a graphics for it.

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Here is what you can do with this plugin:

  • Add images to your pages
  • Add your own graphics to be included in the plugin
  • Empty images to use with your own text

Why to spend money for graphics design, when you can get it at a onetime cost.

If you are looking for some modifications to the provided graphics, you will also get all the PSD’s to create your own graphics.

Web Ready Images

All the images are web ready, they are in JPEG or PNG format which can be used in any web page. They are also transparent so can be used on any background.

These images are already optimized for web and can be used on as many pages as you want.

The plugin is already coming with some handy bonuses so hop on and get the IM Graphics Plugin.


  1. Great tip and a great plugin, thanks! Should save me tons of time looking for images for my posts! I recently started using WP SEO Pix with my WordPress Blog which offers similar features. It looks for pictures that are free to use (under the Creative Commons License) and related to your blog-post, and adds them to the post itself. Goes without saying but its an immense time saver! I’ll be giving the IM Graphics Plugin a test-run tonight, compare how it does against WP SEO Pix. Will post impressions in a few!

    • Hi Amrik, WP SEO Pix is more on the finding images related to the posts and IM Graphics is more of a commercial use, call to action button and buy now buttons all with a ease of click. I like both plugins but didn’t find much use for WP SEO Pix, you can get good images for free if you are ready to give a credit.

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