How to Install WordPress on Localhost with Win7

Install WordPress on Localhost

First day when I set up my blog and started another chapter in my web world, I wanted to install WordPress on localhost.

If you are working with WordPress than you want to install WordPress on localhost also. Local install can help you plan your changes and test your changes without worrying about breaking anything on blog.

I am taking an example of windows 7 OS as that’s the latest one.

Steps to Install WordPress on localhost

1) Microsoft Web Platform Installer is a tool which will make it as easy as it can get. Now without any tech knowledge you can get it done.

You can download the Microsoft Web Platform Installer for here. Once Downloaded install it on your computer.

2) Once installed You can see the below screen.

Install WordPress on Localhost

You need to add IIS 7 Recommended Configuration and click on Install to install the IIS server on your computer. It will ask to install few more software along with it. Let it install all software.

3) In the product section under tools check for Microsoft Webmatrix. If it is not installed than add it and install that also.

4) Once you have the Microsoft Webmatrix installed open it.

Microsoft Webmatrix

You will get the above menu. You can install WordPress from the second option “Site From Web Gallery”.

5) Choose WordPress from the menu and give a name to your local site.

Wordpress Install

On the next screen it will ask you to download the WordPress software, press OK and it will install WordPress for you.

6) Once installed you can use the first option in Microsoft Webmatrix “My Sites”. It will give you below screen which will ask you to choose the site (You can manage multiple installation with ease).

7) Select the site and you will get the blow screen. Here you have the real path of the site, Localhost URL of the blog. Click on URL and it will open the blog for you.

Wordpress Install

First time it will ask you to create username, database name, database user-id, password like a regular WordPress install. Only thing is to make sure you tick a box saying block search engines to crawl my site.

Once done you have a WordPress install on localhost, you can use webmatrix to manage your blog and test your changes locally.

Please check the below video for the process.

[youtube src=”J3iAIopQKyQ”]

Hope this guide will help you to install WordPress on localhost.


  1. Thanks for great video 🙂 I got it working. 5 Stars review. So do you have instructions to move website from local host on laptop to web server at hosting company, so that it all works nice?

    • Hi Michael, If you are using webmatrix than each site has a publish option, you can use that to deploy it on web hosting. I think it has two modes FTP and Web deploy, you can just add your hosting account and can transfer the files.

      I haven’t done much experiment with it, but will check more on that.

      • Thanks.. I saw that. Seems Only can download website if was published with web deloy according to pop up message.

        • Ohh If you are trying to download an existing website than it might be manual work for first time, after that you can deploy and manage it from webmatrix.

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