Do not make your Home page Video look ordinary, here are the tips

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You have been indoctrinated that videos are the ultimate conversion machine. Yes, there is not an iota of doubt about this but the thing is that videos are extremely resource hungry. It takes hours to get the script ready first, then days to get the animation right and another few days to get the confirmation from all the departments, before you can make it live on the home page.

So, quite a long process and now imagine how frustrating it would be if the quality of the video is below the average. What if the targeted visitors do not find it convincing enough? These are some of the questions that can unsettle you. But there is no need to worry because there are some rules of thumb available that you can check out to gauge whether the video is going to be another great flop or not:

Boring Splash Screen: I have no doubt that the video that you have produced is of excellent quality and your targeted audience are going to love it. But how you are going to convince and make them really see the video from the start to the end.

Yes, you nailed it right. You need to make the splash screen a little bit spicy. If the splash screen of the video looks boring, people may think that the video is going to be another huge time waster.

Girl watching videos
Girl Watching Videos on Laptop

Since the purpose of the splash screen is to encourage the visitors to click on to the play button, you need to make it as interesting to the visitors as possible. Featuring an image of a scanty clad woman is not going to do this trick. The image that you are going to choose has to be as relevant as possible and the image should have a meaning to convey. Featuring a cliff hanging moment could do the trick.

Do not Miss the Play Button: Sometimes, people forget to focus on the play button altogether. Since there is not much content to display, the play button should be featured prominent on the page. It has to be big, bold and beautiful enough to incite the curiosity of the targeted audience to click onto it. Just place the button on the middle of the video and you are done.

Do not make the content look outdated: Sometimes, despite having big and bright splash screen and prominent call to action button, you will find that the video is not making any difference as far as the conversion of the website is concerned. And do you know the reason why?

The content of the video sucks. It is boring and so horribly out dated. I have come across hundreds of videos in my short life that look awesome at first glance but they do not worth your two cents. So, do not waste the time of your audience and yours by uploading a video that cannot solve any present problem.

Tell them straight what they should be doing: Videos have some inherent benefits. With them, you will be able to tap into two senses – hearing and seeing. So, it might appear to you like a conundrum that despite asking your visitors repeatedly to buy your products, none of them seem to be convinced. Not a single product is sold at the end of the day. Boy, this is frustrating.

You can easily overcome this issue by featuring text based call to action right into the video and by prompting the viewers to click on them. And do not forget to hyper link that text with the landing page to see higher conversion rates.

Be specific: People are not interested in knowing what you were doing before you start offering this service. So, do not go on a story-telling mode rather be specific. Tell the visitors straight what benefits they are most likely to enjoy if they opt for your service or product and then come up with the Call to Action text and believe me this trick is going to work.

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  1. Enticing and high quality video is necessary if you want internet users be interested on what you are offering. Thanks for your useful tips, it would be more helpful targeting customers if you make your video go viral in social media sites.

  2. Interesting tips to gauge how well the video will look .Its true that boring splash screen and outdated information will make the video look a huge time waster . Enticing and specific features can give favorable results.

  3. How not to make your homepage video look ordinary? Don’t put videos on it – their role is to be there instead of words, but just think about 10 users downloading an average 10 MB video at once. A little costy 😉
    IMO people should use nice PNGs, write great content and then enjoy lots of people on their site

  4. Hi Michael! A video is a great alternative to a wordy and lengthy blog post but it should still be enticing. Thank you for sharing these tips, I will most definitely put them to good use to supplement my own effor

    • Glad that you like the post and yes a great quality video is what you should be looking for and quality is one front where you should not be making any kind of compromise ..

  5. Uploading AVPs for the perusal of our potential customers is a better way to get their attention so we must do what we can to sustain their interest through well-edited presentations. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Videos are a great way to attract people and can give more benefits than images. The tips you have shared here are all important and straight to the point. Home page video can help establish an image about a blog or website. Thanks for this great share.

  7. Hi Michael great suggestions…
    Actually I am still learning and researching concerning to creation of videos and i bet these tips not going to dead over few decades because as i realized, blogging word is start shifting toward “video blogging” and you can imagine how crucial these aspects for your website. Thanks

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