Genesis Theme – Is It Worth Of The Investment?

Genesis Theme Edit Post SEO Settings

Once you decide to go with premium theme for your blog, you are starting a journey with lots of research. There are so many options and finalizing one is a tough task.

Genesis Theme is one of best premium theme which you can get or we should say it is more of a framework. I am using Thesis Theme for Makewebworld but have used Genesis Theme on some of my other blog. I always like to buy a theme and see what we can do with it.

No, this post is not about a comparison between Thesis and Genesis though I have used both of them and for a normal user both are really good. If you are good with coding and modifying theme by yourself then Thesis is a good choice otherwise go with Genesis.

Genesis Theme Features

1. Page Loading Speed – It is more of a framework with child themes, so it works well with the WordPress and does not add any additional time on page loading. With the evolution of SEO, page loading speed is one of the important factors in your SERP’s.

You should always look for the way to reduce the page loading speed and this is one of the ways you can do that. A Theme which do not add any extra baggage to your site is always good.

The good thing is that it loads your content first, which will give a faster experience to your readers. One of the good ways to engage them is giving them what they are looking for.

2. SEO Features – Genesis Themes is packed with all the SEO element which you will need for your site. With this you do not need any additional SEO Plugin, the theme will do everything for you.

This adds a setting panel for site-wide SEO settings along with SEO setting Panel in edit post or pages screen. With the common SEO settings, you can manage the robots meta tags for category or archive pages, home page meta description and tags and site name append to Doctitle.

The edit screen SEO panel is more detailed and let you choose SEO settings and page layout from that. These settings are more of page specific, which gives you more control on each post.

Genesis Theme Edit Post SEO Settings

You have all the regular SEO setting along with custom tracking or conversion code for the page.

3. Child Themes – Genesis is a framework and you will need a child theme to make it look professional. You can only take a framework and build your own custom design but it will take time and effort.

Genesis Theme has lot of child theme already available, which can give a good starting point. Most of the theme adds a good visual appearance along with specific functionality.

StudioPress Genesis Child Theme Marketplace

Child Themes are much more reasonably priced then any other themes and you have a marketplace where you can buy many child themes according to your need. Most of the time a combination of Genesis theme and a child theme costs you almost equal to any other theme in the market.

4. Theme Settings – You will be installing Genesis Theme and Child theme on your blog. You will activate the Child theme which will internally use the Genesis Theme settings and will add child theme specific settings on top of it.

Theme settings page mostly depends on your Child theme but basic settings like enabling image logo, setting layouts, setting feed url’s, enable automatic updates etc can be done from the theme setting page. You can also add scripts to header and footer from the setting page.

5. Mobile Responsive Design – Mobile responsive design is one of the newest feature in most of the themes, it automatically adjust the site layout according to the user screen size.

Genesis Theme is also using it and many of their child themes are supporting it now. Old themes are slowly getting upgraded to use this feature, which means only one theme can serve the purpose for you. You do not need to buy additional plugins to create a mobile sites for your blog.

6. Additional Plugins – There are many additional plugin which are offered free by Studiopress team to make Genesis Theme more manageable. You can install Genesis Tabs, Genesis Slider to add some additional functionality to your blog.

There are many other plugin which are available, you can check the list here.

7. Documentation – Proper documentation can make a theme more usable, you can make the change easily with the properly documented tutorial. Genesis Theme has properly documented tutorial for specific modification along with a beginners guide which can help you understand the modifications easily.

If you want to get an idea about the Genesis Theme then you can have a look at beginner’s guide, it will give you an idea on how easily you can modify the theme.

Click here to download The Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners (PDF – 1.4 MB)

8. Client License Included – Genesis theme comes with a GPL2 license, which means you can install it on as many sites as you want, even on your client sites. You so not need pay any additional money, it is all inclusive in the price.

This is one of the good deals considering many themes charge you for updates or client licenses. It is onetime fee for a lifetime free updates and support along with developer license right.

9. Genesis Theme Package Deal – Although you may plan to buy a single theme, but they do offer a StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package, where you can get Genesis and all the child themes created by Studiopress included in the price.

The package is really good as it not only includes the current child themes created by Studiopress but it also include all the future child themes. So with the onetime fee, you will have unlimited access to the themes.

10. Affiliate Program – Studiopress not only offers an affiliate program on their theme but also offer 2 tier program on affiliate you refer. So if somebody becomes an affiliate, whom you have referred, then you will earn 5% commission on their sale.

If you want to become an affiliate of Studiopress then click on the link below and start earning money.

Become a StudioPress Affiliate and Make Money!

Good thing is that, they are already established in the market and you should have no problem promoting their product. Their products speak for themselves. I am already using some of their products like Genesis Framework, Premise – Landing Pages and Digital Marketing etc.

So if you are looking for a professional theme then Genesis Theme can do it for you with its SEO optimized features and turn key design.


  1. Hi Sanjeev,
    You have written an awesome post. I have seen that most of the users are now moving from thesis to genisis. I guess you should write difference between thesis themes and Genesis themes.
    How ever studio press are doing a great job in making great child themes.



    • Thanks Saif, I also just moved to Genesis. It is much easier to handle than Thesis 2.0. I have just written a post for the differences from user perspective. Hope you will like it.

  2. Genesis is my theme of choice for almost all of my websites. In addition to what you mentioned, I like the active support community that helps you and the fact that you don’t have to buy a more expensive developer license to use it on multiple sites.

  3. I have heard about Genesis, but haven’t used it, nor have I used the Thesis framework. I usually develop my own themes, but my current theme is based on the free Thematic theme. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of either Genesis or Thesis, but it suited my needs fine.

    • Its always great if we can edit and create our own flavor…you should try Genesis as it makes it easy to create your own version with the help of Hooks and Filters…

  4. Hi Sanjeev,

    In short: YES.

    I use it on some of my other projects, I just like that you can alter setting on the fly without all of the hassle we needed to do with other themes. It’s a nice blank canvas we can use to create something beautiful. Nice post bro.

  5. I too have been using thesis them as of now. But yes Genesis seems to be quiet interesting with lots of features. I may consider using it for my new blog.

  6. Hey Sanjeev great post mate. I love Genesis it’s an absolute valuable investment for any web publisher, a well deserved 5 star rating. I also use Thesis for some of my WordPress sites.

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