Recover Your Lost Files With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


Everybody has been in a situation, where they would like to undo the shift+delete.

Once you permanently delete any file or folder, you cannot revert it back without using any professional services or softwares.

Professional services to recover files are costly and using them for small number of files is not feasible.

EaseUS has some great data recovery softwares, which can be used to recover lost data.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional is for recovering lost files from internal hard disk, external hard disk, sd cards etc.

It can recovery files from any kind of memory units.

User Interface

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has a very simple user interface. It runs you through step-by-step process of recovering the files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Just select the available disk, type of files and scan type to find the files.

One of the good thing is the ability to preview the files before restoring them, so that you can be sure, which files to restore.

Scan Methods

This software supports two types of scans, standard and progressive.

It automatically does the standard scan when we try to recovers any files.

If standard scans fails to find any files, we can use deep scan (progressive scan), which will scan the hard disk sector by sector to find any lost files.

I have run some test and found that most of the files can be recovered with standard scan and you might not deep scan most of the time.

The only thing, which is annoying some time, is that you do not have an option to choose scan type at the start.

It automatically starts with standard scan and if you do not find the file, you can shift it to deep scan.

Data Recovery Process

Once you start the software, it asks to start a new scan (Though sometimes it looks like an extra screen as there is nothing else to do there). But its just one extra click for an awesome recovery software..

Once you start a new scan, you need to select the file type, you are looking for and the memory unit. It will automatically give you results from standard scan.

Data Recovery Screen
Data Recovery Screen

The simplicity of the process is really a plus point for the software. It is very easy and intuitive for regular users to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

It will provide a list of recoverable files, where you can check the preview and select which files you would want to review.

The software not only works for deleted files but it can also recover files from formatted or crashed hard disks or inaccessible areas.

Supported OS

It supports both Mac and Windows, though you need to buy separate licenses for both the OS.

The feature and interface are similar and they function properly for both the OS.


The software is priced nominally considering the other software and services sold in this domain.

You can get the single license in $89.95.

It also has a free recovery software version, which allows you to recover files up to 2GB.

If you are looking for some of the small files, this can be a good solution.

Final Words

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is great software which can save a lot of hassle by recovering lost files and folders.

Also prices at a very nominal level, it is one of the must have, if you want a Data Recovery Softwares. You can get it from EaseUS website.


  1. Hi Sanjeev,
    thanks for sharing such information , It is not just businesses who are at risk from data loss. Clients requiring data recovery come from all walks of life, including governments, large corporates, smaller businesses, and the self employed to “Joe Public” who, with the introduction and subsequent boom in the use of PC’s and digital cameras etc to record special occasions, holiday videos and photos etc may have lost anything from sentimental data to critical emails, and personal account details. Students are often grouped under this heading too. thanks.

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