Google Inbox – A New Take On Your Emails Organisation

Inbox Bundles View
Inbox Bundles View

Google has just released a new email client Inbox, which is available on iOS, Android and Web now. Its their new take on the email organisations and provide important information on the go.

Currently the service only works with Gmail accounts and invite only. It takes the emails and organise them into bundles and present all the highlights right in front.

I have tested Inbox on all three platforms for last two weeks and I still need to get used to this new way of reading emails.
The mails are organised in the timelines and organised in bundles in those timelines. The only thing is that, you need to get use to not seeing the regular email list, which can take some time.


Bundles are a new take on the labels in the gmail. I use labels on the gmail extensively as they help in organising the emails properly. Now with Bundles, your emails will be organised according to their subject, sender, content etc.

Inbox comes with pre-created bundles likes Forum, Updates, Financials, Promos etc. You can also create your own bundles to organise your emails like Friends, Official or anything else.

Inbox Bundles View
Inbox Bundles View

The bundle creation provides a good way to define automatic inclusion of emails, you can include based on subject, sender, include or exclude based on content of the emails.


Highlights are a good way to promote important information. Sometime you just want to search for some attachments or specific information, Inbox app provides those things through Highlights.

I like these Highlights, you don’t need to open an email to read an PDF or see the event date and time etc. It will be displayed right on the home page or the app screen, just click on them you will see the information right there.

Inbox Android App
Inbox Android App

This is a nice touch to present information, just click on the attachments or information to get the detail view.


The other thing which is integrated in the app is reminders. You can create reminders from any email and add the time and date. You can just tap on the reminder or swap the email to the left to add an reminder.

Inbox iOS App
Inbox iOS App

Some of the usual timelines are displayed on the snooze popup or you can select your date and time.


The power of the Inbox app is search, you can search and get much more meaningful results. You can search for contact name and phone, it will give you the phone number which can be dialled from the app itself.

In the older gmail interface, you will get many emails from that contact and you have to look for the information yourself. This is one of the best selling point for the Inbox app.

Final Words

This is a good start and you should give it a try.  There are some drawbacks like the interface is not that intuitive and it can take some time to get used to that.

Also if your daily emails are not much, you might not have any challenge to manage your emails. In that case you might find that Inbox needs more time then what you were spending.

But its good to see somebody taking different approach to email categorisation and I would give it some more time to see how it goes.


  1. This will be very useful for all the students, businesses and marketing. The Google always provides best of the best facilities to the users. Thanks for the post Sanjeev.

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