Email subscription or RSS?

Email Subscription

If you are into blogging or your web world creation for some time then you must have heard a buzz about email subscription. Everyone will say that you should have good number of email subscribers to have a successful blog.

Is it actually true? Should you consider creating ways to get email subscribers?

Email SubscriptionCredit:Renjith Krishnan

Whenever I see argument about this, I check my inbox. How many subscription I have? How long will I be able to keep those subscription?

To tell you the truth, I don’t have any email subscription (other than my blogs, which I keep to check if there is any issues.). It doesn’t mean I don’t like other blogs or doesn’t read them, but I like to keep them in my rss feed rather than in email.

Benefits in case of RSS over email subscription

  • The main reason is notifications, with the evolution of smart-phones we get instant notifications for emails. While in case of RSS wherever I get time I can check the new posts.
  • RSS readers provide a way of organizing and syncing, so you can utilize your time. Though you can organize your emails also but it takes bit more effort.
  • Easiness of sharing it to relevant people.
  • Easiness of ignoring few posts If I don’t like the topic. In email if I get continues posts which are not useful for me then I tend to unsubscribe from that feed, but that’s not the case in RSS.

In case of email, It is hard to manage if you read many blogs. I can agree that few years ago email subscription was the way to go, but technology changes, now RSS has evolve and it has taken over email on the feed management. So shouldn’t we target the up-tranding RSS.

For a blogger both of them serve same purpose

  • They create external links.
  • Generate traffic and sales.
  • Provide an easy readability and accessibility to users.
  • Provide a way of interaction.
I have seen many blogs to have big widgets on sidebars for email subscriptions. and I always think is it worth to spend that space on email subscription, what do you think?