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Makewebworld has Commentluv Premium plugin installed to make commenting joyful for you. You can even get a dofollow link, if you are regular reader of Makewebworld or you are sharing the post on social networks.

Keyword Name Links:

Makewebworld gives you an access to anchor text based link, which you can get by entering your “name@Keyword” in the name field. As we are giving you the option to get links based on your keyword, we do expect that you use your real name while entering the comment.

This feature allow up to three keywords in the name field, so a valid example for name field is:

“Sanjeev@Make Web World”

Do not worry, your real name is just for display, you will still get the link with the keyword you specify. Because we have provided the option, we will not approve any comment without the real name.

So an example of invalid name field is:

“Make Web World”

It is a just a little extra typing for you but will make it easy for readers to engage in useful conversations.


No comments will be approved without a valid Gravatar image for the associated email. The comment won’t even be read to see its genuineness and will be deleted from Make Web World.

If you do not have a valid Gravatar than just head over to and create an account for you, its just a one time activity which pays a lot.

If you want to know more about it you can read a post – “why you should have a gravatar“.

Flaming, Rudeness and Profanity:

Do remember that every person has a right to express their views, respect them. Having different views is good and it can add fresh ideas to existing thing.

Please respect other person views and if you do not agree with them then express your views in a polite way. You should not thrash other person views or them, just because they do not follow the same.

Any flaming and rudeness will not be accepted and that comment will be removed from Makewebworld.

Links or comments promoting porn, gambling, hacking, racism, hate, drugs, or anything shady will not be published.

Thanks and Nice Article Comments:

It is nice to know that you liked the article and gained some knowledge from it, but according to me comment section is more of a place where you can discuss and exchange views.

There are other ways to show that you liked the article like share it on your social networks and let more people know about the post.

So though I am glad that you get something out of it but I will not be approving the comments which will just say thank you or nice post.

Please show your appreciation through the social buttons.

Links in Comments:

Commentluv Premium gives you an option to get an extra link as part of Commentluv link. Still if you think there is any other link, your’s or not your’s, can help readers then you can add that in comment.

Use your judgement to decide on the links and we will use ours while approving them.

We do reserve the right to edit or reject comments, if we deemed it inappropriate for the readers. We reserve the right to remove your links from the comment, if it does not comply with the policy.

In case you are facing issues on Makewebworld then feel free to contact me through our Contact Us Page.

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