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Change Tab Name

Last time when I wrote about professional Facebook page creation, I have talked about how easy it is to create these with Element Plus.

Today I am taking one more step to show you how you can create a welcome tab for your Facebook page and direct readers to that tab.

To the startup’s and people who doesn’t like to read a lot of text, here is a 6 min video to get an idea.

Element Plus–Facebook Page Creation

[youtube src=”a73mHivbtuM”]

Once you have the access to the app, you can add it to the pages for which you are admin. Once the app is added, it will be available in a tab on the page.

Click on Edit Page, from there click on the apps tab on Facebook. Once you are on the apps tab, you should see your elements app there, click on edit settings for that app and you should have a option to change the name of the tab.

Change Tab Name
Change Tab Name

You can change the name of the app for that page, I have given it a name as “welcome” for my page.

Once done, you can open the app and create the page, I am not going in detail on how to create the page, it is self-explanatory if you have the app or you can check the video above to see how easy it to create a page with it.

If you want to have a look at the page check Makewebworld at Facebook. If you like the pages or want to create a page for Facebook, get the Element Plus.

The great thing about this app is you can have two versions of a page, one for the people who has liked the page and one for the people who has not liked the page.

You can check my Facebook page to see I have attached call to action for the people to like the page and subscribe to my mailing list if they have not liked it till now.

So what are you waiting for check it out at Facebook.


  1. Facebook welcome page is good to increase likes on Facebook fan page. Xtab application provides many options to create attractive design for Facebook page. There are other applications also available as FBML and many more to create easy welcome page on Facebook fan page. Thanks for your concept of Facebook welcome page creation.

  2. Well facebook is he most used SNS all these days you have mentioned nice steps as it is quite important for a blogger to make his FBpage interesting so the readers are attracted to his blog

  3. Facebook has been so popular today. Now that most people are using FB, it is important for people who earn money online to know how to maximize its use thru FB page. Its great we could make this possible using this guide.

  4. this video information is best way to give readers another interesting way to add new informative things into their knowledge. Facebook is a best plugin for online interpreters and this new tab addition will make your Facebook page more interesting and attractive.

  5. Very cool! We just started our FB page so I’ll definitely have to check our element plus and see how to use it. I’m really new to all of this marketing stuff, so I need all the help I can get.

    • Yes, Element Plus includes SSL and with a one time fees they promise for lifetime support for future policies changes also (though need to see how it comes out but a good promise).

  6. Hey Sanjeev, this is a cool tutorial. I used Pagemodo to create a welcome tab for a Facebook page I work on, but this tool looks easy to use too. Btw – I liked your Facebook page and gave the video a thumbs up on YouTube.
    Good job!

    • Thanks Ileane for stopping by and giving a thumbs up. This tool is easy and good thing is we don’t to do anything other than update our facebook pages, It will be hosted and maintained by X-Tab for lifetime, we just have to pay a single lifetime small fee right now.

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